Monday, June 24, 2024

Are you ready for Leon Day tomorrow?

Did you know that tomorrow is Leon Day? Leon, of course, is "Noel" spelled backward, so we Christmas collectors like to celebrate Leon Day because it marks the halfway point to Christmas. For that reason, when I was at the Goodwill in Fayetteville on Saturday, I was happy to find some goodies I can use to decorate at Christmas. I am planning (and praying!) to make it as joyful as I possibly can, perhaps hosting a few teas for the many friends who have been so kind to me this year. The red-velvet heart-shaped candy box at back (just $1.09) is actually for my Valentine stash, but it occurred to me that a red velvet one might have a use at Christmas, too, so we'll see.

These little porcelain cupcake stands ($3.09 for two) struck me as something it would be nice to have on a tea table.

And these vintage-looking Santa Claus napkin rings ($2.09) don't appear to have ever been used. I think they are adorable!

So I was already in Christmas-planning mode when my friend Patty, another Christmas-decor collector, handed me a gift bag at Sunday school yesterday. She knows I don't always have access to the new Hallmark Christmas catalog, so she brought me the new one along with an ornament in memory of Alex, which I thought was incredibly thoughtful. He'll certainly always be a part of my Christmas celebrations, and I was so touched to realize that others are still thinking about him too.

Have you bought any gifts or decorations for Christmas 2024?


  1. I've never heard it called Leon Day. It's too hot for me to think about buying Christmas decorations. LOL

  2. Those holly-patterned cupcake stands are particularly cute! I love a holly design on just about anything.
    That was very touching that your friend gave you that Hallmark ornament in memory of Alex.

  3. What a sweet and dear gift…from a sweet and dear friend! Good to plan ahead this difficult year….XO, Virginia

  4. I love the Christmas things you found! You’ll have fun with them.

  5. From DeeDee Clark: I keep you in my prayers. We give cash to children, their spouses and grandchildren. I like to do something special in which to place the money, so I’ve bought tiny stockings, etc. I just saw bells which say “believe, 2024,” so I bought them, with emerald green organza bags in which to place everything.

  6. I didn't know there was a Leon day. It is funny, but Jim's middle name is Leon and he never liked it. One Christmas we were driving down the street and I saw NOEL over the street and realized it was his name from the back of the sign. I thought that was hilarious.


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