Friday, February 5, 2021

Green Tea Morning Mask from Tonymoly

Today, I wanted to let you know about a new tea product I've been using to combat dry skin. It's this I'm Green Tea Hydro-Burst Morning Mask from Tonymoly. It's another of the tea goodies I bought with a Macy's gift card recently, and I found it here.

I haven't often used gel masks, but I was willing to give this one a try. I used to love the old peel-off masks of my youth, but when I was in college, two of my best friends in my journalism classes happened to work part-time at Belk, and one was an Estee Lauder consultant and the other a Clinique consultant. They were horrified that I used peel-off masks and insisted I was peeling off a layer of my facial skin. They would be pleased to know that I went with a "rinse-off" mask this time, one I chose because it has camellia sinensis leaf extract as an ingredient.

I've used it a couple of times already, and it does indeed leave my skin feeling refreshed. The gel is very lightweight and has a pleasant, slightly floral fragrance, and it rinses off easily with no traces remaining. But I have to tell you that it reminds me for all the world of Dippity-do, the old hair-setting gel! It even *feels* like it. Do any of you remember that product? If so, Dippity-do tell!



  1. Ha ha--that's funny about that gel skin mask reminding you of Dippity-do! I never used Dippy-do myself, as I never set or curled my hair. At least you were able to remember what the mask gel reminded you of. That's better than thinking, "hmm, this reminds me of SOMETHING from the past, but I can't quite figure out what..."

  2. Yes, I "Dippity-do" remember that smell...ha ha!

  3. Yes, I do remember "Dippity-do" and even used it on my hair! This product does look like it and has the same looking gel. Oh the memories......

  4. I remember both peel off masks and dippity-do. Glad you like the new mask.


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