Friday, April 3, 2020

Tea & Coping

(Graphic courtesy of the Coweta County School System) 

"Coping" is a word I've been seeing a lot lately, so I was pleased when our local school system's website shared this handy chart of 50 Coping Skills for Kids. If any of you have children or grandchildren you're taking care of during the quarantine, maybe you'll find an idea or two that you hadn't thought of just yet.

And of course I was happy when my tea radar spotted this part of the chart at lower left. At first, I wondered why it said "a warm cup of tea" and not "a hot cup of tea," but then I realized that when writing for children, it's probably best to go with "warm" for safety reasons.

Warm or hot, cups of tea have provided much comfort for me this week. I've continued with my usual amount of editing and writing work, I've read a bit more, I've taken more walks to savor the beauty of springtime, and I've enjoyed many, many cups of tea. In fact, I don't usually make a whole pot of tea at one time, but lately, I seem more likely to make it by the pot than by the cup. Perhaps that's because I *know* I'm not going anywhere and can easily finish a whole pot in a day.

What about you all? What are you doing to cope during this season of quarantine? I'd love to hear your tips!


  1. I enjoy reading your posts. A cup of hot tea as I read has been a comfort during these times.

  2. I'm working from home so I have the opportunity to enjoy warm cups of tea as I work.

  3. Yes, walking and enjoying all the springtime flowers and leaves and birds really makes me feel better. Lots of reading (but I do that anyway) and watching opera on-line are also great ways to spend one's indoor time. Listening to classical music (and NOT to too much news) is an excellent way to raise one's spirits. And baking! I've baked wonderful cherry and almond scones, whole wheat blueberry muffins, and chocolate cupcakes with almond icing--all enjoyed with a nice cup of tea, of course! The yeast pizza crust that I made for the first time came out great, too. I'm thinking about trying hot cross buns next.

  4. Thanks for sharing. I’m going to share it with the kid’s teachers.


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