Friday, April 17, 2020

Food Network Magazine's April & May 2020 issues

With more time for leisure reading lately, I've been enjoying catching up on my reading list, including magazine reading. I had not even read the April issue of Food Network Magazine when the May issue arrived, so this week, I spent a little time delving into both magazines, and they delighted me for different reasons. The April issue, at left, features a gorgeous lemon pound cake on the cover, and I'm eager to make it the next time I go to the store and get some fresh lemons.

That issue also has a nice article on how to make various flavors of macaroons (not macarons), and as a coconut fan, I find this idea quite enticing.

The May issue of the magazine, though, is the one that really has me lusting to make a new sheet cake! I've only ever made chocolate sheet cakes, but these flavors sound so good: PB&J, Chocolate-Hazelnut, Cinnamon Apple, S'mores, and more. They're the subject of this month's pull-out booklet in the magazine, and cut into bite-size pieces, these cakes would be right at home on a tea tray.

So I was already thinking "tea" when I turned the pages of the May issue and saw a feature on places to enjoy Tea Time! I realize our magazine shopping is probably going to remain limited for a while, but if you're at the grocery store and see this issue at the register, you might want to take a copy home with you!


  1. Thanks for the tip on those issues of Food Network Magazine! I don't subscribe to it, but those issues look great. I, too, love coconut, but have never made macaroons. Those sheet cakes look like fun, especially that chocolate hazelnut one! I'm a big fan of hazelnuts.

  2. I love finding tea references in magazines. What fun for you! The cake reminded me of a friend that is home with three young children. They said they wished that one of them had a birthday so they could have cake. The mom found a marked down birthday cake at the market on her next trip and bought it, took it home, and place a candle on each piece for them each to blow out. I just thought that was so precious.


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