Monday, April 20, 2020

Backyard roses and a thrift-store "vase"

Are any of you Zooming your way through this time of quarantine? In the last month alone, I have used the Zoom video-conferencing app for a work conference call, I have Zoomed for Sunday school, and on Saturday, I was online for six hours while I enjoyed Zooming with crafting buddies in Newnan and Savannah. We had all agreed it might be fun to gather for a "virtual" craft day, so I set up all my card-making supplies and colored and created cards while I visited on-screen with friends who were working on sewing and paper crafts of their own. We were told that Zoom would kick us off after forty minutes and we would have to re-join the call, but it never did, which was awesome. I didn't realize how refreshing it would be to connect with friends in this way, and it truly did feel like visiting in each other's homes! So I was in quite a lovely mood that evening and thought, you know, I'm going to go cut some roses.

A yellow rose bush was growing behind my house when we moved here in 2006, and it has produced flowers every single year, unlike the finicky David Austin roses I planted in front of the house. I've never done a thing to this yellow rose bush, and yet these pretty blossoms keep coming back. I knew we were predicted to get more storms on Sunday, so I wanted to rescue a few blossoms and bring them indoors. I have no idea what type of rose this is, but the fragrance is yummy!

And while I do have vases I could use, I have been plopping flowers into this "Sweet Tea" glass I found at a thrift store last year. I'm pretty sure I found this for something like fifty cents at Goodwill or another store, and I thought I'd blogged about it here, but I looked through my old blog posts and can't find that I did. (If you remember seeing this glass on here before, would you kindly let me know? I can't find it under "sweet tea" or "glass" or "Goodwill," and I can't imagine how else I would have described it.)

I would dearly love to have more of these glasses, and the bottom is stamped "Home Essentials," so that was helpful. I found the glasses on Amazon, sold out, and apparently the glasses sold from 2015 on. I found reviews for them on, too, also dated several years ago. When I get back to my thrift store shopping, I will be on the hunt for more of these cute glasses. (Ironically, I'll mostly be drinking unsweet tea out of them.)

So I Zoomed with friends and cut roses and made some banana bread. How did you spend the weekend?


  1. I like that "Sweet Tea" glass/vase! And your roses are lovely. My weekend - I sewed on Saturday, made more masks to send my daughters, and rested on Sunday. I'm back at my "desk" (half my dining room table) now, waiting for a Facetime staff meeting to start.
    Have a great week!

  2. On Saturday I attended a class on growing tea in the US sponsored by the Portland Tea Festival on zoom. On Sunday morning was zoom church and Sunday evening was a zoom business meeting for church. Sitting too much so had to walk today. Thankful for zoom though. Love your crafting idea with zoom and friends. Zoom is being very forgiving on the 40 minutes thing right now.

  3. Those are beautiful yellow roses! I rarely see roses of that color.
    This weekend I did laundry for an older neighbor with a disability (she lives on the 3rd floor of an apartment building in which the laundry room is in the basement and there is no elevator). I also took two beautiful walks to the Washington National Cathedral garden and woods and enjoyed the flowers and birds there. Back in my own apartment, I enjoyed listening to classical music, drinking some Lady Grey tea, and reading (including beginning a very interesting biography of Joseph Pulitzer). I enjoyed a couple of nice naps, too!

  4. Lovely tea vase and yellow roses; we shopped for paper goods on Saturday and to my surprised was a successful hunt for these items; so we stock up at several stores; since we could only purchase one per item on paper goods; unsure how that reads; took long walk on Sunday and cooked late into the day. I have never heard of zoom and don't plan on ever using this software being that I am not a media or social person. Good of you to share the roses and thank you.

  5. Cute glass. Reminds me of a canning jar. The kids are using zoom for school.

  6. Such beautiful roses! Old varieties are always great about coming back year after year. They're usually the ones that smell good too. My weekend consisted of two visiting grandchildren and a customer who came by Saturday to get fabric and interfacing to make masks. Sunday morning was spent in Sunday School, physically, at a church of a different religion since our own decided to close down until "permitted" to reopen. My sewing group has been zooming too, but I've not been able to join them yet. Maybe this week.


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