Monday, March 30, 2020

A teacup fairy garden

And suddenly, I'm finding myself with more leisure time than I would have imagined. Saturday, I started redoing the flower beds at the front of the house. I already see improvement, but boy, were my legs aching that night from all the bending and squatting. So while I thought about continuing that work on Sunday after attending Sunday school and church (virtually), I decided to start working on my fairy garden.

Really, all I had so far was the teacup planter, two decorative signs (one of which didn't seem to fit well), and the little china tea set. So like all of us who are staying at home these days, I had to get imaginative. I didn't have a table or table base, so I used the tall cup from a tea tasting set I received from a tea vendor some years back.

The table top is a little Wedgwood dish that I believe I got from a thrift store. I think I bought it just because the pattern is called "Angela."

The tea set? I have no idea where I got this tiny tea set, but I've had it for a while and saved it for just this purpose.

I'd been meaning to pick up sheet moss from the craft store, but since I couldn't run to a craft store this weekend, I got some moss from the backyard (and thanked the Lord for having craft supplies on hand just when I needed them). I love moss!

I hope the fairies like their new home, and I hope they—and you—are sheltering in place and staying safe!


  1. Your fairy garden is adorable - if I were a fairy, I'd certainly visit it!

  2. That is so cute! I especially love your use of real moss. When I was a kid and we made little "houses" to play in outside, we used moss as a carpet.

  3. Cute! I like that you used real moss.


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