Monday, December 9, 2019

Taking tea with Santa Claus

I'm slowly bringing out all of my Christmas collections this year, and that means dusting off (and using) my Santa Claus mugs. I like to make a cup of plain green tea and drop in a single peppermint candy. It's a quick, easy way to enjoy more peppermint tea!

I began by unpacking the mugs from two large crates and lining them up in rows on the kitchen floor. I got to 115 and thought I was done, but apparently I have not been super organized about mug storage, because I have since found about 10 or 15 more stored in various other boxes of decorations. I finally realized that nobody out there is demanding a count of my mugs, so I quit worrying about the number and just started sorting them. This week, I plan to remove some china pieces from cabinets and replace them with Santa mugs to enjoy during the holidays.

This is what I consider the classic Santa mug, and this is the style I have the most of. Many of them are marked "TAIWAN" on the back.

I also have several of this guy, whose hat is decorated with holly and berries. No backstamp, but these definitely look newer to me than the classic Santa mugs.

This guy looks even newer and a little surprised about something.

This Santa mug, hand painted and etched with the name "The Country Cottage," was a gift from my friend Joy. His eyes remind me of the Christian fish symbol!
I have just four or five Santa mugs that are predominantly green or blue, including this guy. As you can see, he's got some paint loss, and these mugs aren't really delicate or precious.

I do enjoy seeing the different expressions on Santa's face. The one at left here looks sleepy, and the one at right looks like he's been using lash booster.

And when I examined the Santa mug with the nice lashes, I noticed that it was made in Japan. I obviously added this one in 2008, and the 29 mark is probably the price my late mother paid for it, as she used to pick these up for me when she saw them at thrift stores.

So I collect Santa Claus mugs, and I'd love to know what you collect. Anything specific, or do you just like everything Christmas?


  1. I like everything Christmas, but I have a good many of my daughter's boyfriends said that my home was a safe place to be because of all the angels sitting around. I love seeing all your Santa mugs. I have one or two but not quite a collection yet.

  2. I enjoy everything Christmas. My largest Christmas collections consist of teapot shaped ornaments and books about the history of how Christmas traditions have been observed over the years.

  3. Love all the Santa Claus mugs. You have quite a collection.
    Merry Christmas
    Joan,Marion and Marilyn

  4. Your Santa mugs are very amusing! Thanks for telling us about them and all their idiosyncrasies. If I can be said to collect any Christmas things, it would be cardinal ornaments. I do have several cute cardinals, ranging from wood to metal to ceramic. One favorite is a wooden white reindeer, with a little red cardinal riding on its back.

  5. Wow! Great collection! The Christmas item I collect would be ornaments. We have a 12ft tree, so I can always use more. If they are tea related, that is a bonus!

  6. I love seeing your Santa mugs each year. My Grandma had several when I was a child.

  7. I used to collect Christmas houses, but when the count got to 103 and I ran out of room to put them, I decided I'd better stop. :>) I have a 9 foot tree that I decorate with tea things, which, of course, you know you can never have too many of. LOL! I think of you every time I go to a thrift store and see one of your Santa mugs. I always think "Hmmm..wonder if Angela has one like that?"

  8. I always smile when I see a Santa mug at the antique mall and think of you. I don't collect anything anymore, but I do have a collection of Santas, cardboard little houses, bottle brush trees, and some sparkly vintage glass balls, even two that are shaped like teapots.


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