Friday, November 8, 2019

Cute Dollar Tree "Loot Bags"

I go in Dollar Tree almost every weekend, and on my last visit there, I wasn't looking for tea things, just my usual: batteries, dishwashing liquid (the BIG bottles of Palmolive in pleasant scents), hand soap, etcetera. But I was passing by an aisle with these "loot bags" on the end, and my tea radar made me hit the brakes.

Friends, I don't mean to rush your Christmas shopping, but we tea folks need to be aware of these NOW, so consider this a public service announcement. If you're making Christmas treats for tea-loving friends, I think these bags are just the thing to package them in. 

The bags are displayed with a piece of white paper behind them to show the images, but they're actually clear, as shown here at right. So if these might be of use in your own gift giving this year, please check them out!

UPDATE: I went back today, to my local store, and while I didn't find the bags, they did have plastic mugs, tins with a plastic lid, and plastic canisters, all with this design. Just an FYI!


  1. Thank you for the service announcement! On my way to The $ Store!

  2. Those ARE very cute treat bags! I hope your store gets some more in.

  3. Those are so cute! I need to get to the Dollar Tree again soon!

  4. Really cute! Maybe I can get over to the DT in Blue Ridge before they are all gone.


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