Friday, March 15, 2019

Spotted: New recipes for teatime!

Sometimes the magazines arrive at my house faster than I can read them, but I'm glad I took time to check out the April issue of Country Living and the March/April issue of Midwest Living, because both of them have some yummy-looking new recipes featuring tea!

Midwest Living features recipes from a St. Louis pastry chef, and in the spread above, you can see at lower left the Earl Grey and Raspberry Pound Cake. Doesn't that look (and sound?) delicious!

And Country Living has a feature this month on "Tea Desserts," where the offerings include these jasmine madeleines and …

… other tea recipes, including the striking Chocolate-Matcha Swirl Pound Cake at right. So if you happen to subscribe to one or both of these magazines, I imagine you'll want to take note of the new teatime recipes in the current issues!


  1. I like finding recipes like these in unexpected places.

  2. Those desserts are very pretty, especially the chocolate-matcha swirl pound cake. But I don't think I want my sweets to taste like tea--I want my TEA to taste like tea, but my sweets to taste like sweets. I do love madeleines, though--they're so cute, and my favorite orange-flavored ones taste so good with tea.

  3. Angela,
    These look delectable! Another magazine with recipes perfect for tea is the spring issue of THE PIONER WOMAN. It features Lemon-Poppy Seed, Strawberries with Cream, Jalapeno-Cheddar and Maple-Bacon scones, Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting and Butterfly Sugar Cookies.
    Janet P.

  4. The chocolate match cake looks delicious!


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