Friday, March 29, 2019

Afternoon Tea & the Suffragettes

Since it's Women's History Month, I find myself pondering the fact that it's been nearly 100 years since Congress passed the 19th Amendment granting women the right to vote. When I looked on the Library of Congress web site this week, I was intrigued by this pre-passage cartoon from 1910 that makes it clear "Votes for Women" weren't always taken seriously.

If you look at the woman to the right of the book's middle, she has an arm band reading "No. 500."  Behind her, at about the middle of the right-hand page, you see a sign that reads "Cell No. 500 Our Noble Martyress." And the caption of this cartoon says, "Afternoon Tea — When the suffragettes of American society become martyrs to the cause."

While goodness knows I'm not always pleased with the outcome of my voting, I'm definitely grateful for the right to vote. And I'm also grateful that a cartoon like this would simply earn ridicule today! 


  1. That's certainly an interesting political cartoon! I do need to read more about the suffragettes, since they underwent a lot of ridicule and other difficulties to get us the right to vote today. Thank you, ladies, for all you did for us!

    1. I agree, Vernona! Definitely worthy of my further study too!

  2. As I look at that cartoon (100 years ago) and at my more 'mature' age, I am AMAZED at how NOT long ago that would have been! Thank you lady suffragettes for your tenacity that I am able to vote!!

  3. I remember my grandmother talking about being a suffragette.


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