Monday, January 7, 2019

On winter whites, white tea, and blank slates

With all the Christmas decor put away, I did my usual thing and pulled out winter whites for the January tea trolley. I do like to leave out a few snowy-looking items in hopes we'll get a snow day or two in January.

This is a detail from my white-on-white floral tea set, which was used on the table with the guest book at my wedding. A favorite memory!

Now I'm not one to select just one word to focus on all year (I've tried, and I simply cannot limit myself to only one). But if I were going to, "Believe" is a good contender, isn't it?

The other word I've considered is "Attention," as in, "Pay attention to what you pay attention to." And you know what I paid attention to here? The fact that this creamy winter white lacy tray has been with me for so many years now, and I'm still not tired of it. I've used it as a dresser tray in the bathroom, on the dining table, on the tea trolley, and I envision it one day being used in the garden cottage/writing cottage I don't yet have. Have you ever acquired a simple piece like this that became a personal favorite that you kept for many years? I think the color and curves on this piece are why I like it so much.

As I played with my winter whites over the weekend, I even enjoyed a cup of some white tea from TeaVivre. The first Monday of a new year is such a blank slate that I think a white palette—whether in tea or in home decor—is the way to go. Are you excited about the start of a new year? I am! I've got so many new projects I want to tackle, along with new places to go and new experiences I hope to have. What about you?


  1. Your snowy January tea trolley is quite lovely! I'm hoping for a snow-day or two, also.
    Although EVERY day is actually a new start for each of us, it always feels good to start an "official" new year each January.

  2. I hope the whites bring you a bit of snow.

  3. I adore your winter whites. Very pretty! I do pick a word, but sometimes two words. It is so much easier than resolutions. Sometimes it makes a big impact and sometime not. Last year and again this year I have ended up with two words. I am liking the combination of Trust with Adventure.


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