Friday, January 25, 2019

Inigo Jones at tea

I had heard of Inigo Jones the famous English architect, the one who lived in the 1500s and 1600s, but I wasn't aware of the meteorologist Inigo Jones from Australia, who became famous for his long-range weather forecasts. I recently discovered a circa 1940 photo of the latter-day Inigo Jones on Flickr here, where he is shown having afternoon tea with his wife, Marion, and a very civilized dog who appears to be the guest of honor.

I'm impressed by the size of their teapot, and I wish they would have taken the cozy off for a second so I could see what it looks like!


  1. I enjoy looking closely at interesting photos like this one. Based on the photo I like these people a lot. The sweet dog is sitting so dignified at table with photos on the wall above of a darling baby and a regal cat. The teapot appears huge to me and I admire her strength and ability to serve it. They look so pleasant. Thank you for sharing these terrific photographs.

  2. That is a huge tea kettle and bet she made the kettle cozie for it, i'm sure they drink hot tea all day long,
    Also bet that picture of baby on wall is their only son, and on his horse also,very sweet dog

  3. That's a wonderful photo! Especially the dog. The photograph makes you wonder about all the details of the subjects' lives. I see from Inigo Jones's Wikipedia page that his wife was named Marion Emma Comrie. I would like to know what that sweet dog's name was, too!

  4. That is an amazing picture you found. I was fascinated to see the teapot too. I wondered if it was indeed as big as the cozy. It seems it would be quite heavy if full of tea.


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