Friday, October 5, 2018

Nurses at tea … a hundred years ago

"Nurses home, 11th. Street, New York City. Afternoon tea." That's all the identifying information I found with this photo from the Library of Congress website. I love so much about this photo, from the wicker chairs to the radiator in the background and the hat on the woman at center.

And this photo, a gift to the Library of Congress from the American National Red Cross, is from 1918, so I love the fact that we're looking at some of our kindred spirits from 100 years ago!


  1. I love their hairstyles, too!

  2. I like the reflection in the mirror of the woman across the room. Such a large serene room setting which appeals to this retired RN who remembers some cramped chaotic break rooms.

    1. I did not even notice the reflection, Mary! Excellent observation!

  3. That IS an interesting photo to look at and think about. I noticed the radiator in front of the fireplace. It may not look too elegant, but I'm sure it made the room much warmer!--from Vernona in DC

  4. I’ll have to show this to my Nana. As a retired nurse she will enjoy it.

  5. It looks like a man sitting between two woman on the right. Also, that wiring looks a little dangerous! Great picture!!


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