Wednesday, October 10, 2018

A Teacup Quilt Along that's free!

I've been keeping an eye out for a small fall project to take along on a trip that I'll be enjoying soon, and my friend Joy spotted a link that she passed along to me at the absolute perfect time. The From My Carolina Home blog is hosting an Autumn Jubilee and Teacups Quilt Along, and I love that these patterns are going to remain on the blog and are free!

The first block is featured on page 57 of this Cups and Saucers book, which I realized I have owned for a while but have never used to actually stitch anything. And if you don't have the book but would like to stitch along, you can find the pattern through links on the blog post above.

I'm going to assemble a small baggie of fabrics and take this along on my trip. Surely, surely I can stitch one block a month. Would any of you like to join me?


  1. How fun that you have the book! This sounds like a great take-along project for your trip. I'm thinking about joining you -I will be checking out the patterns each month for sure.

  2. Good luck with your teacup quilt! Although not a quilter myself, I do enjoy seeing the interesting quilts that other people make.--from Vernona in DC

  3. Thanks for sharing the link. I’ll check it out tomorrow and I may join you.


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