Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Twinings Earl Grey Lavender Black Tea

I was reading the new issue of Martha Stewart Living last month when I came across an ad announcing the introduction of some new varieties of Twinings Earl Grey Tea. That's right, not just new varieties of Twinings but new varieties of Twinings Earl Grey. I've been looking for them at the local grocery stores, and I found some this week at Publix and decided to start with the Earl Grey Lavender.

As always, I appreciate that the Twinings tea bags are individually wrapped. Perfect for sharing!

And I very much enjoyed this new variety of Earl Grey from Twinings. While it still has the signature bergamot flavor, the lavender somehow manages to soften it, making for a smooth tea that was delicious with the King Cake I enjoyed yesterday afternoon! I'll probably try the Earl Grey Jasmine next, and I'm curious what Earl Grey Extra Bold will taste like, as I find most Earl Greys are pretty bold already. Have any of you tried these new teas yet?


  1. I haven't seen these yet but will be looking! Earl Grey is one of my favorites, and I would definitely buy a box of the lavender. I will be interested in your feedback on the other two.

  2. I did a tasting with the 3 new teas a few weeks ago and the earl grey lavender came out as my favourite :) The Jasmine one was really nice, too.

  3. I am not an Earl Grey fan, however I did enjoy the one with Lavender. Have not tried the Jasmine and the Bold, let us know. Thank you!

  4. I'll look for this tomorrow at Publix

  5. I love Earl Grey too - I will have to look for the new ones too!


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