Monday, March 6, 2017

A baby shower for a dear friend!

On Saturday, I had the pleasure of being one of the hostesses for a baby shower for my young friend Cydney. Her mother, Liz, is one of my best friends, and some of you may remember when I gave a bridesmaids luncheon and tea for Cydney, an event which brought back memories of having tea with Cydney and her sister, Alley, when they were just little girls. Here are Liz, Cydney, Alley, and me on Saturday. The shower was held at the beautiful home of Cydney's friend Lauren.

There was lots of pink at this shower …

And one of my contributions was pink lemonade cupcakes.

So from all that pink ...

You can probably guess that another little girl, Nora-Kate, is expected to make her grand entrance sometime this month! I cannot wait to meet this little one, and based on all the clothes she received at the shower on Saturday, she is going to be one stylish baby girl!

The hostesses' gift was a swing that was on Cydney's registry,  and I had also made Nora-Kate a crocheted baby afghan. Cydney really seemed to like it, and I was surprised at the nice comments this drew from some of the younger women at the shower. It gives me such satisfaction to think of this soft afghan being used to swaddle a sweet new addition to a family that is so precious to me. I've also got another friend expecting a baby girl this month, so it looks like I'll be spending any free time in March with a crochet hook in my hand!


  1. I do remember when you gave that tea, but had not made the connection that it was for Liz's daughter. :-) I enjoyed seeing the shower pictures, and that crocheted blanket is amazing. What a special gift!

  2. So pretty! I love the pink heart afghan. You are a perfect hostess! Your aqua top set is very becoming even with the clothes pins!!

    1. Ha! I meant to explain why I was wearing all those clothes pins, but apparently some of you have played that game before as well!

  3. Lovely afghan--and you appear to be doing quite well in the clothespin game!

  4. The afghan is lovely. I am being tempted to pick up the crochet hook, but I think I need a refresher course.

  5. That afghan is beautiful, you are a talented lady. The color is my favorite. Nora-Kate is a lovely name. God Bless.

  6. Lovely shower. Your afghan is beautiful.

  7. What a beautiful shower! Nora-Kate will appreciate its comfort now, and it's beauty in years to come when her mother hands it down to her. You're a special lady, Angela!


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