Friday, March 10, 2017

Pickwick's Fruit Garden Kers Tea

Tea friend Donna recently shared a new Dutch tea with me, Pickwick's Fruit Garden blend, and I decided to enjoy it in one of those 20 (!) new teacups I recently received. This pink and yellow one looks like spring to me.

As soon as I saw the cherries on the front of the tea bag wrapper, I knew I would like this tea, because I love cherries, and being the astute observer that I am, I quickly figured out that Kers is Dutch for "Cherries." 😉

The tea was just delicious and did indeed have a lovely, light cherry scent and taste. I was also curious about the sayings on the tea bag tags, and "Hae was je dag?" sure looks like "How was your day?" and Google Translate tells me that yes, this is so. My day was just fine, and it was made even better by the sampling of some tasty Dutch tea!



  1. kers means cherrie, kersen means cherries (multiple) hope that helps (a Belgian native Dutch Speaker)

  2. That tea sounds delicious and is so pretty in your new cup!

  3. Tea with cherries would indeed be lovely. I am in love with your new teacups.

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  5. Is it naturally sweet? Or more of a tart cherry taste?

  6. So glad you enjoyed it. Love Pickwick teas.


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