Monday, March 27, 2017

An inspired new Easter decor!

Last week I was inspired to do some early Easter decorating thanks to an incredibly thoughtful gift from a blog reader in Iowa, Nancy!

She mailed me this beautiful tea-themed table runner she'd made!

I immediately loved all the tea-themed prints, including one with teacups …

And one with tea names …

And one with tea bags and tea tags! How charming!

I also loved her elegant touch of a label on the back stating who made the piece, for whom, and the year. (Interestingly, my late mother's name was "Nancy Carolyn." It is quite intriguing to me, then, that I have come across so very many lovely Nancys in recent years!)

Inspired by Nancy's lovely gift, I pulled out some pink and pastel pieces and started experimenting. I found these tiny little bunnies at Tuesday Morning last year. I love the look of foil-wrapped chocolate Easter bunnies, and since these are purely for decor, I am not tempted to eat them!

 The giant Easter chick was a T.J. Maxx find a few years back, I believe.

I don't have a heap of pink Depression glass, but I did have enough to pull together four mix-and-match place settings using linens in place of the pink placemats I discovered I do not own. (Now how did that happen, I wonder? I used to buy everything in pink!)

I have only one, and I definitely don't need to collect one more thing at this point in life, but this Sharon or Cabbage Rose design glass teacup is certainly pretty!

So I'm quite pleased with the new decor that Nancy has inspired, and if any of you would like to drop by for a cup of tea, the table's ready!


  1. Your Easter setting is lovely. The quilt runner is fabulous, it was so thoughtful of Nancy to think of you, especially to have made a handcrafted gift.

  2. Your table is darling. I do love the fabrics in that table runner, and it showcases those fabrics nicely. What a sweet gift! And the pink DG is so pretty with it, on your white table. Pink DG was the first thing I started collecting so it is extra special to me. And those napkin rings are the cutest! Thanks for sharing this pretty table.

  3. Your table is beautiful and so spring like. I love the pink depression glass.

  4. Proof positive that spring and Easter are right around the corner! Such a thoughtful and beautiful gift from Nancy!

  5. Angela, I made three of for you, one for Linda J. and one for me. They were fun to make and I'm glad you're both enjoying them. Tea, in any form is more fun when shared with friends.

    Who knows...maybe another one will show up on your door step some day. :>)

    1. So very, very honored to have received one, Nancy! Makes me smile every time I walk by that table! :)

  6. What a very beautiful table! I used to judge table settings at the county fair. I would definitely give you a ribbon!! A lovely gift from Nancy.

  7. So lovely! What a thoughtful gift.

  8. Your display is lovely. That table runner is adorable. What a great friend you have in Nancy. She is so generous. Thanks for sahring.

  9. Nancy made you a pretty table runner and you know we're all envious, right? I have been tempted to buy a pink depression glass teacup but then remember all the pink china ones I have.
    The table is inviting and I'd love to come for tea!

  10. Your new table runner looks lovely with your Easter decor.

  11. Love your glass teacup!Very pretty!Hugs,Maristella.


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