Friday, December 30, 2016

Napkin organization time

This week has been all about organizing. If it sits still long enough at this house, it is going to get organized, and preferably before midnight tomorrow. I love to end the year having checked off lots of things on my to-do list, and one of those items has been to clean out my linen closet and get rid of the things I don't use.  I do use my various napkins, but they were scattered in different piles, so I'm trying to bring order to the chaos.

I discovered that while I had lots of mismatched floral napkins in various pastels, the ones I ended up using almost every time I have a tea or other formal occasion are the dressier white ones, and they basically ended up being various white napkins with pretty corner treatments, clockwise from top left: monogrammed "M" napkins (which I love but found only four of them a few years ago), crochet-edge napkins (a find from my late mother), Battenberg lace napkins (also from my mom), and some thin but beautiful embroidered and pulled-thread napkins (I have no idea where or when I found these).

Happily, my gift from Aunt Jane this Christmas was a set of six more monogrammed napkins, which, surprisingly, were found at T.J. Maxx! I was intrigued to note the differences in the whiteness level of all of my napkins, and I realized since I usually use them with a cream-colored crochet tablecloth, I mix white and cream things quite regularly and don't really worry about whether or not something is a stark white. My only remaining question is what's the best way to store napkins. I usually wait and iron them right before I need them, but I'm thinking of going ahead and ironing them and rolling them around an empty gift wrap roll. Would love to hear any tips/thoughts you might have to share!


  1. The napkins that I use when we have company are ironed and kept in a dining room cabinet/hutch. I have other things in the cabinet but my napkins are always ready for action! I sometimes find out late in the day that I will be having guests.
    Happy New Year!
    P.S. I finally visited the Sprouts in Peachtree City-YAY!
    Shari in Columbus, GA

    1. Hmm ... I've been cleaning out the secretary in the dining room downstairs, and I could easily keep my napkins there. Great idea, Shari! And I'm glad you made it to Sprouts. Can't wait to go back myself. And Happy New Year to you as well! :)

  2. My napkins are washed and ironed after use and stored in the tea cabinet in the kitchen. I'm also a tablecloth junkie :-) and store these hanging over a wooden dowel clothes dryer in the basement. I am so glad I saw this idea somewhere for even though they are folded a couple of times, much less wrinkles this way. Unless soiled after use, they get washed and ironed before being put on the table.
    Happy New Year Angela.

  3. oh no - I should really tend to my tablecloth/napkin stash! So many favorites, and not used enough. I too am a tablecloth junkie!

  4. I think you have some lovely napkins. Right now I have a pile that needs ironing. They make a meal extra special.

  5. Your new napkins are pretty. I store my napkins ironed and folded.

  6. Love the old and new napkins! I have heard of storing them around paper towel rolls but I just fold mine in quarters and store them flat.

  7. Love, love your linen napkins. I try to iron them right after I wash them, but sometimes they do pile up in the basket. Not very good at organizing them either, but try from time to time. Now I must go clean up my act.


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