Saturday, December 10, 2016

My Country, 'Tis of Tea — Wisconsin

The state of Wisconsin wasn't much on my radar until my stepdaughter married a Wisconsin fellow. Now that Wisconsin is home to some of my family (including the two cute little grandsons I show on here occasionally), I have naturally taken an interest in all things Wisconsin, from its role as American's Dairyland and the home of the cheese heads and the Packers to, yes, their tea history!

• Tourism is a big industry in Wisconsin, and their famous Door County is a beautiful spot for a vacation. When I visited a few years ago, I was delighted to find great tea shops and gift shops and, in a most delightful surprise, The Garden Door, sponsored by the Door County Master Gardeners. This lovely public demonstration garden is filled with beautiful garden displays, including more than a few fairy garden spots with fairies who obviously enjoy their teatime!

A home built in Whitewater, Wisconsin, in the 1920s later became the home of the Green Shutters Tea Room and Antique Shop. This vintage linen postcard is dated 1946 and shows the tearoom around that time. The home today serves as a medical clinic.

• In the April 1918 edition of the Wisconsin Library Bulletin, it was reported that in Oconto, Wisconsin, “The war tea given by the library staff was a great success and accomplished its aims. The reference room was fixed up as a tea room, with rockers, and its walls covered with war food bulletins. Decorations were baskets of flags and pink hycinths (sic). Nearly 400 women accepted the invitation and showed much interest in the recipes for war cookery. Although a great many recipes were given away, they were in greater demand than could be supplied, and it was decided to have recipes of the foods served printed in the local papers; the cooks’ names affixed to them will be recommendations in themselves." (I don't know about you, but when I hear about "war cookery," I think of World War II, not World War I!)


  1. I must admit, I had only associated Wisconsin with cheese and beer, but I'm glad you found some tea associations, too!

  2. Thanks for another great state lesson


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