Friday, December 2, 2016

Fireside Vanilla Spice Herbal Tea

When I was at that new Sprouts Farmers Market earlier this week, I spotted a flavor of Celestial Seasonings tea I hadn't tried before, this Fireside Vanilla Spice. The very name lured me right in, because what sounds cozier than a "fireside" with "vanilla" and "spice" scents?

I always hope that one day, I'll peek into a box of Celestial Seasonings and find that they've packaged the tea bags individually. But here they are again in a stack of twos. (Why are they in twos, friends? Why? I always wonder.) Such yummy teas, though.

This herbal tea definitely gets a thumbs-up. In addition to the vanilla and cinnamon (which I expected), it has a nice warm kick from ginger and cardamom. I often find cinnamon-flavored teas so naturally sweet that they almost taste as if they have sugar in them, and that was the case with this one. Are any of you fans of this tea as well?


  1. I have taken the tour at Celestial Tea's in Colorado and they give the reason why the teas are not individually wrapped. The reason is how much money they can save by not adding the string, tag and envelope wrap. Helps to hold the cost down. I love their teas but often wish they could be purchased in individual I could take one with me to have when on travel or at a restaurant when they only offer black tea with caffeine. I have not yet tried the Fireside Vanilla Spice. I most often drink caffeine free teas.

    1. Thanks for sharing what you learned on the tour! I'm like you, though, and do wish they'd go to individual wrappers. (I'd be willing to pay a little more too!)

  2. I haven't tried this one yet but it sounds delicious.

  3. I've not seen this tea yet but it sounds nice.

  4. I may have to try this to share with my tea society friends who like their tea sweet.

    Thanks for the thumbs up!


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