Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Some charming new holiday decorating ideas

One thing I enjoy about Thanksgiving and Christmas is the planning for these holidays. My sister and I are already planning the Thanksgiving menu, and I bought my first Christmas gift this week. For years I have been collecting special Christmas issues of magazines, and this week I came across a new one I think is just beautiful, Holiday Home Style from Hoffman Media.

Have you ever made silver your decorating focus at Christmas? I haven't, but this magazine features so many lovely silver (and gold) decorations, I've started thinking about it. Silver pitchers, sugars, and creamers filled with greenery and berries ... appealing, isn't it?

I also loved the feature on Wendy Addison, an artist whose work I first enjoyed in Victoria years ago.  The banner made of old newsprint is typical of her style, which I fell in love with the moment I saw it. I also love how her silverware is displayed in pretty cream pitchers.

Even the recipes looked yummier surrounded by all this Christmas finery, such as this Black Forest Trifle displayed so charmingly on these Christmas dishes. Have you started planning for Christmas yet? Have you bought any Christmas magazines? I'd so enjoy hearing about them!


  1. I can't wait to find this magazine! I love the cover because it is such a classic look. I have used silver for my color scheme at Christmas many times. However, I always add a touch of blue; because my home has a lot of blue. I have been picking up Christmas gifts here and there for the last month. I want to be ready!

  2. Oh, that magazine looks yummy! I will look for it. I pick up things for Christmas all year long, actually, and I like the idea of using silver. I have some of my mother's and grandmother's pieces and I need to work them in to my Christmas decorations.

  3. You are the Queen of magazines! I have finally dropped some of my subscriptions, so I'm counting on you to keep me informed! This is a nice one!

  4. Planning for Christmas yet? Good Lord, no.

    But I suppose I had better soon as fall is but a blip then the rest of the year is a blur. Blips n Blurs. Good name for a band.

    Isn't that holiday china gorgeous?

    Big hugs.

  5. That looks like a lovely magazine. I always look forward to the Christmas issues as it's my favourite holiday. I have decorated with silver and blue before but never just silver. Being surrounded by men my whole adult life, I used to use a lot of blue. :-) Now I'm free to decorate with pink if I like because they are all on their own now and my wonderful hubby doesn't object in the least. The china in your last picture is really pretty and who doesn't like trifle? Thanks for sharing.


  6. Looks lovely. I've never decorated with silver but I imagine it would be pretty.


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