Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Aunt Martha likes Tea Time

So I was in Hobby Lobby to pick up some supplies so I can make the needlebook from the kit I picked up at the quilt show last week. Among the supplies was a particular size and type of thread, and what did I find nearby but this darling book of Aunt Martha's Embroidery Patterns featuring Tea Time designs!

These are iron-on embroidery patterns, and they are designed so you can use each one more than one time. I may try to trace them to make my book of designs last forever! Here's a snippet of one spread, and as you can see, you have to read them backward or read through the opposite side of the page.

If you don't happen to live near a Hobby Lobby, I regret to say that you won't be able to use your 40-percent-off coupon and get your $4.99 book for $3 as I did, but hey, it's just $4.50 online straight from the publisher, Colonial Patterns, Inc., and you can find it here—and see images of all the lovely designs!


  1. I am not close to a Hobby Lobby now but I really like them. I embroidery pillow cases and dish towels for gifts. This book would be great for dish towels. Good luck on your project.

  2. Ooh, I like that one! Thank you for the direct link, since I'm not sure when I'll get to a Hobby Lobby.

  3. We don't have one cose...but what a great find!

  4. Cute! Be sure to share what you create.


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