Wednesday, October 26, 2016

A Christmas wish book from Bettys Café Tea Rooms

For those of us old enough to remember the sheer joy we felt when the Sears Christmas Catalog arrived in the mail each year, I must tell you that I had a similar feeling when I recently came across the Christmas catalog for Bettys. Now I know that some of you have had the pleasure of visiting Bettys Café Tea Rooms in the UK, but I, alas, have not.

What I discovered online the other night, though, certainly makes me want to visit even more: their 2016 Christmas catalog. Oh, the yummy offerings inside, and what gorgeous Christmas cakes! But what I most fell in love with was their cute Bettys mug on page 24 and the pretty Christmas tea tins on page 25.

They do ship overseas, by the way, but the shipping cost is pretty pricey, so you may just want to send your wish list via a friend who's headed across the pond soon. And if, like me, you're still dreaming about taking tea at Bettys and having one of their famous Fat Rascal scones, click here to see a sample menu. It certainly makes for some fun reading for those of us who aren't heading to England in the near future! (And if you come across some neat Christmas catalogs online, please let me know because I love catalog shopping!)


  1. I remember well dreaming over that Sears "Wish Book" and I am sure this one is equally dreamy for tea lovers!

  2. Talking about the Sears Wishbook! My maternal grandmother would give each of us grandkids a piece of notebook paper and a pencil and ask us to write out our Christmas Wish List with page number and Description! She would always say "You're not necessarily going to get it, but it never hurts to Dream!" I miss doing it! Lotta Memories!
    Thanks for Sharing! Made my rainy day!

  3. We got our Sears Wishbook last month and it's so thin now! I used to give it to our girls when they were younger and ask them to put their initial beside things they hoped Santa might bring. Imagine my surprise when as adults they were still secretly putting their initials in my catalogue. lol

  4. I always looked forward to the Sears Wish Book. I sadly miss receiving the catalogue.

  5. The Sears catalog was the best. Betty's sounds like a fun catalog

  6. Ohhhhhh! How I loved having tea at Betty's earlier this year. My souvenir was a Betty's shopping bag and I love taking it to the market each time I shop. How I would love perusing that catalog. Thanks for the link and dreaming.

  7. What a dreamy catalog! I went to Betty's while in York, heaven. Wish I brought back more tea.


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