Tuesday, October 4, 2016

A different type of tea from Tetley

 I stopped by Ingles in Bremen over the weekend and, as always, had to browse the tea aisle. New to me was a line of Tetley Super Herbal Teas, and after debating for a bit, I settled on the "Immunity" blend with Vitamin C, a peach-and-orange flavored tea.

 I was torn between this blend and the Pineapple and Citrus flavored one (with Vitamin B7), but I guess being from the Peach State means my default tea choice is always going to be the one with peach!

These tea bags are round ones, what I think of as Republic-of-Tea tea bags. This tea had a very tart citrus taste, and since I've been trying not to take allergy meds now that fall allergy season has arrived, I'm hoping this will help me keep colds and sniffles at bay. I usually avoid teas with medicinal or health claims since plain old black and green tea is so good for you, but the flavor of this one was quite enjoyable, so I may have to give another of these Tetley blends a try. Have these shown up at your local grocery store yet?


  1. It is certainly a good time of year for that one! I haven't seen those yet but I think I'll look for it. I'm glad to know it tasted good.

  2. I have not seen these here in NC. I hope it works to your sniffles away.


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