Friday, June 10, 2016

What's up in my book world …

For those of you who've asked about my writing life, I thought I'd share what I've been up to lately. As you know, I released "A Year of Teatime Tales" a couple of months ago, and I've been delighted to have the book for sale on Amazon since that means I no longer have to package and ship books myself! Getting the book on Amazon was so easy, in fact, that I set about getting my out-of-print 2011 book, "Dainty Dining," for sale there as well. I have no idea why, but I have been getting more and more requests for that book this year. This week I got the proof back from the new printer, and I'm happy to report that DD will be for sale again very soon. Once it is, I'll announce it here and do a giveaway to celebrate!

Meanwhile, a lot of things have happened since I wrote my first book back in 2011. Back then, I'd never heard of Goodreads, sort of a Facebook for those who love books. Out of curiosity, I decided to give away a copy of "Teatime Tales" on Goodreads to see if that would prompt any new readers to add it to their virtual bookshelves. Happily, many have, and when I checked my giveaway entries this week, it reminded me that I should encourage any of you who would like a copy of the book to enter as well, since the giveaway runs through June 18. US and Canada residents can enter by clicking on the box in the top right column of this page.

And what's on the horizon:

• Because I need to have the thing ready to pitch at a mystery writers conference I'm planning to attend, I have until August to finish editing my first cozy mystery, which is about a young jewelry designer (and former newspaper reporter) who haunts garage sales and antique malls for junk jewelry with which she makes her one-of-a-kind "upcycled" jewelry creations—when she's not solving murders.

• In May, I finished writing my second cozy mystery, the first book in series number two, which is about two middle-aged sisters who enjoy "glamping" and run a junk emporium and solve murders on the side. They're a lot of fun!

• And on the nonfiction front, looking back at "Dainty Dining" reminded me of how much I enjoyed researching that book, and I've got almost enough recipes collected to start baking away in preparation for a second book, tentatively titled "Dainty Desserts." (Or as my husband has referred to it, "Dainty Diabetes." Humph.)

I hope I haven't bored you with today's bookworm news, so thanks for reading, and if you entered the Goodreads giveaway, good luck!


  1. You are quite busy! Thanks for taking time to share on your blog each day. I really enjoy it.

  2. Oh, I'm so glad that Dainty Dining is going to be available again! And I'm looking forward to reading your cozy mysteries soon, too. News about books is never boring to me.

  3. Dainty Dining looks charming. I look forward to its release. I just entered the contest on GoodReads, so thanks for the notice! :)

  4. Oooh, Dainty Desserts sounds like fun. Kudos to you for all of your writing.

  5. I would say you have been busy. Good luck with the sales of each and every book.

  6. You have been busy. Good luck with the conference in August.


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