Monday, January 18, 2016

Tea and toffee

Over the weekend, I had the pleasure of enjoying a trip to Callaway Gardens in Pine Mountain, where my husband and his cousins held a reunion. We had a great time together (I especially love hearing the family stories), and the cousins who organized the trip had prepared goodie bags for us all that included some of the most delicious cookies and bars I've had in a while. The toffee bars, in fact, were so absolutely perfect, when I got back home, I started looking for a simple recipe so I could make some more of them. Thanks to Betty Crocker, I now have an easy and delicious new Toffee Bar recipe to keep on hand.

Sunday afternoon after church is a favorite time for me to experiment with baking. I've usually had a nice nap first, read a few chapters in a novel (one I'm not writing or editing!), and am starting to count down the hours to "Downton Abbey," for which I will, of course, require an appropriate sweet. So yesterday it was these toffee bars.

Something about that brown sugar and butter in the crust …

… combined with the richness of melted chocolate chips and pecans is so decadent, and it's one of the best teatime treats I can imagine. The caramel-like flavor from the brown sugar is why I enjoy toffee treats so very much. Do you have a toffee candy or bar recipe that you like to make?


  1. My Mom used to make Toffee Bars which I loved. You've inspired me to try making some myself. Thanks for the recipe!

  2. Oh, my! I'm gonna have to make these SOON!
    Shari in Houston

  3. They look delish, and would fit perfectly on a Downton Abbey tea tray!

  4. I have never made them - I think I need to try this soon - maybe using my Stevia/brown sugar instead of pure brown sugar is something I must watch, and with the chocolate, well - let's just say one tiny nibble is all I get. : - (

    It looks GREAT and I have such a hankerin' for something sweet right now! YUM!!!

  5. Those look incredible! But RICH! Gorgeous!

  6. I have a toffee recipe I use to make every year at Christmas and for some reason it doesn't turn out right anymore. Not sure if it is the cook or a change in the butter. This recipe sounds delicious and more full proof. I do believe I will need to make this soon. Thanks!

  7. Your recipe sounds delicious! And to have a family reunion at Callaway Gardens: perfect location. Joanie


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