Monday, January 11, 2016

Stocking up on teatime decorations for Christmas 2016

Let the record show that I bought my first teacup and teapot ornaments of the year in January instead of August! My Aunt Jane and I were in a HomeGoods over the weekend when I came across quite a few bargains on tea treats.

This set of Royal Albert ornaments was just $6.50, which is even cheaper than I paid for ornaments at Cracker Barrel this Christmas!

The box is slightly damaged, but the ornaments are just fine. Score!

And this pretty British Christmas tea tin caught my eye. It was just $2, and I wanted it regardless of whether anything was inside, but I was pleased to find tea and cookies inside.

Since my aunt and I usually have a sweet treat in the afternoon when we're out shopping, we opened one of the two packages of Cranberry Crunch cookies and very much enjoyed them. I haven't tried the tea yet, but since the cute tin was worth more than $2 to me, I'm already happy with this purchase.

My third treat was this Wedgwood Teapot Votive. This pretty little white teapot measures about 3 inches tall. It said on the box it was originally $40, but I got it for $7. I was skeptical about that $40 price (who would pay that for a tiny teapot, Wedgwood or not?), so when I got home, I looked it up and found it selling for $69.95 on Amazon. Have mercy!

So now I like my $7 Wedgwood teapot even more. It was with the Christmas ornaments at HomeGoods in case any of you want to look for one, but I'm going to treat this as another of my "Winter White" decorations and enjoy the soft candlelight it provides with a votive inside. Anyone else find any tea bargains over the weekend?


  1. Great sales purchases! I wonder if my HomeGoods has any tea related clearances? With no return items, I haven't been inside a store [other than grocery] since before Christmas. Maybe it's time to go shopping again.

  2. Great shopping. I love Wedgwood Teapot I wish I can have the same price as you bought it.

  3. What great finds for a tea lover! Score, for sure!

  4. Finding great bargains with your Aunt Jane makes for a fun day!

  5. Love that votive teapot! It is seasonless. I got that set of Royal Albert ornaments for $9, you got an even better deal.

  6. Your RA ornament set and Wedgwood teapot votive are both amazing deals! I'm trying to limit my purchases of teawares this year (running out of storage space!) so I've been staying away from stores to avoid temptation.

  7. Such great after-Christmas treasures! Best bargains of the new year!

  8. Probably, the best bargains for this year. I like the Royal Albert @ $6.50 hope I can find it at the same price.


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