Wednesday, January 27, 2016

A Dollar Tree shopping alert

Someone on the Afternoon Tea Across America Facebook group (sorry, I don't remember who!) recently posted about finding some new teatime linens at Dollar Tree. Since I was near one yesterday, I decided to swing by and see if the items were at my store, and they were. I bought a dish towel and two dish cloths, and they also have matching plastic placemats.

Granted, these are exactly the quality I've come to expect from Dollar Tree, which is to say, the towels and dishcloths are on the thin side. That said, they do have teacups and handwriting on them, so I had to have them.

And I like the graphics of the flatware as well. So if you need some cheap kitchen cloths with a happy design on them, I think these will do the trick, even if they don't last forever!


  1. They are cute and the price is right!

  2. Cute! The last time I was at the Dollar Store nearest me, they didn't have these yet.

  3. What a fun find. I sometimes don't mind thin. I can just enjoy for a little while at a $1. each.

  4. How could a tea lover not want these regardless of the quality. Very pretty. Nancy Carr

  5. Thanks for the shopping tip - I found them! I also found a large pot holder that seems to be made of a (sturdier), less flimsy fabric. Thanks, Angela! Joanie


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