Saturday, April 26, 2014

Tea Room Postcard #17 -- Latch String Tea Room (Orlando, Fla.)

When I think of Orlando, Fla., I must confess that the Latch String Tea Room is not the first thing that comes to mind. This postcard states that the tea room is "in a tropical garden," and I kinda sorta think I would have figured that out from the photo on this 1941 postcard!

The back of the card, well, I'm going to need some help with this one. "Monday a.m. #35:20 Columbus St., Orlando, Fla. Lake of the Woods, Apt. # (5?) Dearest Hollis - Oh so sweet to see (?) you. I had dinner here Sunday. ? was of ? ? source of your friends. Took us over no ? and no you but it is lovely ? - lots of my old friends something-something a party. Something night and had something supper and ..." Well, shoot, I give up. I've had it with this postcard. I can't even read the signature, and I feel right sorry for Mrs. C.L.  Carlisle, the recipient. Anyone who's good at translating old handwriting, please feel free to give it a whirl!


  1. I think it is "giving us a party" but there are some words I sure can't decipher! Neat postcard anyway.

  2. WOW. Neat card but she must have skipped the handwriting class, haha.

  3. I tried to read it too, but not any better than you. The tea room does look fascinating surrounded by the tropical plants.

  4. What a fun post card. Most of us think of Orlando as theme parks, but it was once mostly swamps.

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  6. Hello Angela, another neat postcard, from 'Olde Time Florida!' *

    *Modern day Orlando is so, so different! It brings back such memories, thanks so much for your wonderful blog,

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