Monday, April 28, 2014

A Floral Fashion Show

"Ladies and gentlemen, we'd like to welcome you here today to our first annual Tea With Friends Floral Fashion Show! Our models are a delightful group of absolutely lovely and talented teawares, and we know you're going to enjoy seeing them as they model the newest spring fashions. First up, we have a Royal Patrician bone china mug sporting a fabulous new rose design. Miss Patrician, tell us, who are you wearing today?"

"I'm wearing Wedgwood Rose by David Austin. The blush pink color accents my figure beautifully, and Austin designs, as you know, are simply classic."

"So, so true! Thank you very much, and who is that there at the back of the stage? Why, I believe that's our German teacup model, isn't it? Why yes, it is, and who are you wearing today, miss?"

"I'm wearing a variety of fern designs, a classic motif in spring and summer fashions."

"Stunning, and so very elegant. Well done. And now we have another member of the Royal Patrician Dynasty, this time with a tea rose in yellow and a lovely purple iris. I also see you have some script on your teacup outfit. That's very on-trend right now, you know. What does that say?" "Oh, it's a verse from the Bible, Psalm 27:1, and says 'The Lord is my light and my salvation.' And as you know, none of these designs would be here today without this light."

"Simply amazing, such grace. And would you look at all these details?"

"This Designer always delivers the most exquisite pieces, year after year. You can't help admiring the radiance of this one."

"And on a more casual note, we have this model from Old Royal Bone China. I must tell you, you don't look old at all. What's your secret, and who are you wearing today?"

"Good bones I suppose. And believe it or not, I'm wearing a design of Wild Strawberry Flower."

"Wild Strawberry Flower? It's amazing what makes it into these fashion shows each year. And finally, ladies and gentlemen, we end today's show with this model, Miss Royal Vale from Ridgway Potteries. Somehow she makes it into the spring shows year after year after year. And who are you wearing today, Miss Royal Vale?"

"I'm wearing Forget Me Nots, just as I shall every single year." "Ah, yes, of course! Just gorgeous. That's a great color for you. And that concludes this year's program, ladies and gentlemen. We certainly hope you've enjoyed our show!"


  1. Fun Fun Fun! And pretty, too!

  2. So imaginative! And so lovely.

  3. So cute! Thanks for starting my day off with a smile!
    Susan T. from OH

  4. Today's post is a real treat. You are so creative! Our flowers are not blooming quite yet. Have a great day.
    Sips and Smiles,

  5. What a wonderfully creative post, Angela! I enjoyed the beautiful flowers and lovely teacups fashion show!

  6. That is about as clever a post as I have ever read - oh how cute, Angela - well done, so so so clever!

    Your "ladies" look lovely!! Hugs!

  7. Love your new 2014 spring line! When will it be available to the public?

  8. Oh I enjoyed the show immensely! Thank you very much. Your cups were exquisite and the photography just wonderful.

  9. Beautiful Angela, just beautiful!
    Great cups and flowers, Joanie

  10. What a pretty and clever post. Your garden must be gorgeous!

  11. So cute! (and yes, I'm catching up on posts)


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