Saturday, April 19, 2014

Tea Room Postcard #16 -- Little Grey House Tea Room (Maitland, Fla.)

Some of the tea room postcards I have are from grand, busy tea rooms, but this week's featured tea room is the opposite of that, the Little Grey House Tea Room in Maitland, Florida.

The back of the card notes the tea room was located "One mile north of Winter Park." Apparently the tea room served luncheons, dinners and special parties, and the "Antique Glass" makes me think they might have sold these glasswares. Wouldn't that have been a lovely place to visit? A book was published in 1904 called "The Little Grey House," using the English spelling "grey," and I can't help wondering if that inspired the name of this house and tea room. If it were still around today, I'd sure love to stop by for tea and shop for some antique glassware!


  1. I would love to shop there, too!

  2. This tearoom reminds me of stories I have read where homes along roads where people travel can stop for a cup of tea at just a farm house or other houses along the road. Your cards just thoroughly entertain me each week with the thoughts of what took place and who may have had tea there.

  3. Yes let's make a stop together on these roadside tea dreams! I just love your postcard posts and as I opened a beautiful Easter card in the mail today I was thinking of you and all the Easter "post-cards" from yesteryears! Hallmark listening?

  4. What a lovely postcard...Beautiful tinting! I imagine they set a beautiful tea for many guests over the years. Thank you so much for sharing! ~ Donna

  5. Such a neat postcard, Angela. It brings back some Florida memories for me:

    growing up in Miami, we spent some summer vacations driving up to the Winter Park / Lake Blue area. I remember 'Bok Tower' and the chimes on the hour and 'Spook Hill' (a little attraction that made it seem like your car was going uphill, when you were really driving down the hill...)

    I remember a tiny restaurant - called "Chalet Suzanne." (It was painted bright pink!) You had to make reservations way in advance and there was a small airstrip nearby - some people flew in, just to eat there. My older sister Patti went to eat there for a special occasion and she said it was great food - I'll have to see if "Chalet Suzanne" is still there. Love your blog, it's always so interesting, Joanie

  6. ps: Angela, I just looked up Chalet Suzanne - it's in Lake Wales, Florida. It's still open!

    I recommend looking it up - it's been there since 1931 and the Duncan Hines family helped put this place 'on the map!' I had no idea it had such an interesting history. We went to Central Florida for vacation in the late 1960's...

    I think you'd enjoy reading about Chalet Suzanne,

  7. I had tea in a little tea room in Maitland several years ago. The lady I was with said it had been there for years and years. I wonder if it was the same one?

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  9. This tea room sounds like it could come right out of the pages of Tea at the Blue Lantern Inn!


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