Monday, December 16, 2013

Teapots that sparkle

Recently I shared photos of my tabletop tea-themed Christmas tree, but I have used teapot ornaments elsewhere in my Christmas decorating as well! On the mantel this year I'm using three vintage glass teapot ornaments I found on eBay a few years back.

I couldn't find these three teapot ornaments last year, so ...

... I was very, very happy when they turned up this year in a box of "winter white" decorations. I vaguely recall having left these out after Christmas, so that's how they got separated from all the others. They are so sparkly and frosty looking, and I just love them!

And since I so enjoy reading about all of *your* Christmas decorations, I thought I'd share a few more of mine! I just love glass domes on anything at Christmas, and this little glass-domed tree is very special to me because I found it at the Rachel Ashwell Shabby Chic store in Atlanta several years ago. The store didn't last very long, but my love for Shabby Chic sure did!

My helpers in decorating this year were nephew Matthew and niece Amelia, who spent the night with us on Thanksgiving Eve and decorated both the large and small trees.

Some of these ornaments were already on the tree by this point, but I have always loved these Old World Christmas ornaments that were a wedding gift. Each one represents a happy aspect of the home.

The teapot, for instance, represents Hospitality.

Matthew, who is all boy, pretended to drink out of it!

One of the most fun parts of decorating is scouting out just the right wrapping paper, because it really does influence the look of the tree. The aqua blue poinsettia gift wrap came from Hallmark.

The sparkly ribbon was on clearance at Michaels last year, but I ended up not decorating with blue until this year.

Last month our Crossroads Garden Club had a presentation on Christmas greenery, and I was the happy winner of my friend Wilma's gorgeous rosemary wreath she created for the program.

I plopped a few aqua goodies inside, and I love the result — plus it smells so yummy when I walk by! And if you'll come by tomorrow, I'll show you one more "something blue" I found over the weekend that is quite the perfect addition to another collection I sometimes have out at Christmas. Anyone want to take a guess on the collectibles I've decorated with before but let have a rest this year because of their bright colors?


  1. Enjoyed peeking in on Your pretty mantle and children helping You enjoy it.I love all Your tea goodies-beautiful.Merry Christmas-Denise

  2. I love those sweet little teapot ornaments!! You have the cutest little helpers! :-)

  3. So pretty! I love seeing all the Christmas decorations. Keep the pictures coming, please!

  4. Enjoyed taking a peek into your holiday decorating. Love the photo of your niece and nephew!

  5. I enjoyed seeing your Christmas decor, and helpers. The rosemary wreath would smell wonderful - are you having to mist it to keep it fresh?
    I like the aqua touches, the paper I bought last year on clearance is various patterns in this colour too.
    The teapots on the mantle are sweet, as are the cloches. I usually do put something under my big glass one but have to pull it down from the top of the china cabinet first.

  6. Your Christmas decor is lovely. I really like the blue theme. I haven't got my tea tree up yet -seem to be running behind schedule this year.

  7. Lucky you to win the Garden Club wreath, very pretty. Loved seeing the vintage tea ornaments on your mantel and the shabby chic decoration under the dome. Everything is so pretty, including the wrapping paper and ribbon. I still need to wrap gifts and bake too.

  8. I love your blue color palette this year, but I would since blue is my favorite color! Looks like Amelia and Matthew had a great time decorating the tree. Your mantel is beautiful and I love your teapot ornaments and wreath. It's definitely Christmas at your house!

  9. Your mantle is beautiful! Loved seeing all the pretty decorations and enjoyed seeing your Christmas helpers, so cute. Joanie


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