Monday, December 30, 2013

Tea & kitchen gifts of Christmas

One of the things I enjoy seeing on tea blogs at this time of year is all the neat tea-related gifts everyone has received, so I thought I'd share some of mine today! First, from my sister Rhonda's family came one of the cutest porcelain tea mugs I've ever seen, this I (Heart) Tea mug. Love it!

My sister's crew also surprised me with the new slow cooker I had been wanting simply because of the pretty aqua color! It's also a larger slow cooker than the small one I had before, so I'm grateful for that. (And I'd also be grateful if anyone has a slow cooker cookbook to recommend, as I'm now in the market for one!)

Rhonda also did my Dad's Christmas shopping for me this year, so when she asked for input I mentioned that Target had a cute new shortbread pan I would love to have for baking shortbread this winter. (Niece Madison told me the spatula was her idea. I had not seen this one before and absolutely love it!)

Rhonda also was responsible for Daddy purchasing some much-needed glass canisters for my kitchen (I've just rinsed them out here), so thanks, sis! I was so tired of reaching into a canister for flour or sugar and realizing I was almost out, so clear glass should solve that!

From my stepdaughter Heather's family came a Wedgwood ornament like this one (she had looked on my blog and apologized for it being a duplicate, but I told her I will take all the Wedgwood teapot ornaments I can get!). They also gave me some new Chamomile Tea from the English Tea Shop. I haven't had Chamomile in a while and very much enjoyed it!

From my stepson Hunter's family came this lovely (and oh, so appropriate) teacup planter. It's the first large teacup planter I've seen to come with a saucer.

I got some normal-size teacups too, including this pretty rose design set from my friend Beth ...

... who also gave me a second set this year, a grape design teacup!

With a nod to my current blue obsession, my friend Sandra gave me this great blue and white teacup and saucer made in Occupied Japan. Pretty!

And finally, my friend Deberah gave me some White Tea & Ginger goodies from Bath and Body Works. Fun stuff, all! I also got some cute new tea infusers (from my husband and from Deberah), but I'm waiting to try them out before I share them here. Did you get any nice tea goodies for Christmas?


  1. What wonderful gifts! I really like the shortbread pan and spatula, but actually, I like them all! Glad to know there,s a new "flavor" to try at Bath and Body Works, too. And yes, I did get a wonderful gift - four darling "Cup of Christmas Tea" napkin rings shaped like teapots! They were left at my house and there was no name on the bag, so I din't know who to thank. But they are a wonderful gift!

  2. I really like the 'Fix- It and Forget It' slow cooker cook book. Lots of interesting recipes (not just main dishes). I borrowed it from my library, but will be purchasing it soon.
    Glad you had a great Christmas- my Hubby came home on the 24th with the flu. Bless his heart!
    Shari harness
    Houston, TX

  3. I can't even spell my last name right!
    HARNISS not harness!

  4. I enjoyed seeing your great Christmas gifts! You must have been a very good girl! ;-)

  5. Wonderful! One can never have too many tea related things! Great! Love your Keep Calm spoon and the tea mug us perfect!

  6. I too can recommend the Fix it and Forget It cookbooks. There's even a "light" version if dieting is on your list of to-dos for next year. If you'd like specific recipes that we've tried and liked just let me know.

  7. I would say you made quite a tea haul. Very nice! I got a tea travel mug, tea scented incense, and matcha candies, oh and darjeeling candies too.

  8. Looks like you got some great treasures this year! The spatula is quite fun!

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  10. Your gifts are lovely, and your family and friends know you well. I especially like your teacup planter.

    This is my favorite crockpot recipe website:

  11. I got "Make It Fast, Cook It Slow: The Big Book of Everyday Slow Cooking" by Stephanie O'Dea last year for Christmas and have enjoyed it. The author's website has many of the recipes from that book (she also has a few more books but I don't have them).


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