Monday, July 29, 2013

The Anne Hathaway's Cottage Teacup

If you're like me, you've probably got a teacup "wish list" that's a mile long. There are loads of things I don't own and would like to, and recently I came across a particular style of teacup I've seen before and wanted, only I'd never found an unchipped cup and saucer in this style until now!

I've really developed a fondness for red transferware after seeing it on so many other blogs. These patterns blend so well that no matter which ones you collect, they all look good together, it seems.

What I find most intriguing about this cup and saucer set—and I do hope you can tell from the image—is that the saucer is quite unusually shaped, with a depression for the cup in the middle but then sort of curving up and out, giving an almost flat appearance to the saucer. It sort of reminds me of a dip tray with that little bowl in the middle!

And as a fan of The Bard, I of course loved the fact this J. & G. Meakin pattern is Anne Hathaway's Cottage. If anyone happens to know what you call this style of saucer, I'd love to know!


  1. I found a cup with that style saucer, also Meakin, in a thrift store a few months back. Mine is a green floral pattern called "Forget Me Not" and it also has scalloped edges on the saucer -and I have totally fallen in love with it! I bought a couple of bowls on eBay, they have the scalloped edge, too. The red transferware pattern you found is darling, too.

  2. Angela, I also have a Meakin Anne Hathaway Cottage Teacup in red transferware. I found it about two months ago and love the style. A very different style then any other teacup I have. I do not know what the style is called. I also have three other pieces of Romantic England in red.

  3. I have a more traditional cup & sauce set with this style saucer, it's almost like a bowl. Mine is blue & white & was a gift from a friend. I love yours too.

  4. I have one cup and saucer like this and learned that it is called a convex saucer. It is designed to leave the cup drip free so that it does not drip on the tea drinker. A practical and clever design indeed.

    Your trasferware cup and saucer are just lovely and a wonderful find, Angela.

    Have a happy day!

    Mary Jane

  5. I've never seen a cup and saucer in this style, but it is lovely.

  6. Oh would I love having this cup and saucer. It is beautiful! Lucky find!

  7. What a lovely red transferware teacup! While I don't have that pattern, I do have some Meakin pieces. I LOVE red transferware, and hope to do a tea soon where the entire tablescape will be set with it. I'll be sure to blog about it.


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