Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Tea Horse teas from England

Recently I was invited to sample some Tea Horse teas from the U.K., and since I was asked which teas I'd most like to sample I selected their black teas. After drinking so many fruity herbal teas this summer, it was time to try some new grown-up teas! When my samples arrived in the mail, they included Ceylon Uva FBOP, Assam Mangalam SFTGFOP1 and Panyong Golden Needle.

When I opened the Ceylon packet, I got a nice scent that reminded me of wood shavings combined with something sweet, like the smell of a candy store perhaps! Once I brewed the tea, I found it to be a smoky, sweet and rather brisk blend. The strong (but not too strong) tea was quite enjoyable, and I think some of you black tea purists would really enjoy it as well.

The Assam had a woodsy scent also, and I was pleased to find that nice malty quality that seems so prevalent in a really fresh Assam. It made me wonder why I don't drink Assams more often!

Finally, the Panyong Golden Needle had a woodsy/spicy scent and a lovely sweet/spicy taste to match. I very much enjoyed sampling Tea Horse teas. (Wondering about the name? To learn about the Tea Horse Road in tea history, go here.) I was pleasantly surprised to see that the (very elegant) Tea Horse website offers very reasonable international shipping, so anyone who wants to try these teas ought to be able to. Count me a new fan!


  1. An unusual name for sure but a nice way to try their teas with an offer to sample. I pretty much stick to black teas myself, fruity or herbal teas I really have to be in the mood to brew.
    Thanks for the tea review.

  2. Sounds like a fascinating company and I love their name. The teas also sound like black teas I would enjoy.

  3. So glad to read your review of these teas. I was contacted by Tea Horse to try their teas too, but as yet I haven't received my samples. I told them I'd sample anything except Puerh. For me that tea requires an acquired taste, and I'm not there yet. ;-)

  4. Oh, thank you, Angela - may have to do just that!

    I am behind in my reading as I had my little niece with me for two days and she kept me ever busy to be sure!

  5. Oh, I know I would enjoy each and everyone of these teas. Plain blacks are my passion!


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