Friday, July 12, 2013

Anyone know giveaway winner Penny Burkeen?

Last call for Penny Burkeen, winner of the giveaway of "The Collected Tabletop" announced Monday. If any of you happen to know Penny, please ask her to contact me via the e-mail button at right since I haven't received a reply to my message to her ... and if we can't locate Penny, I'll be selecting another winner on Monday, July 15. Thanks for your help!


  1. Don't you hate it when that happens? It's happened to me several times. Makes me sad for them.

    Anyway, don't know her but thought I would comment.

    Have a wonderful weekend. It stopped raining here, Praise Be - now maybe things can dry up a little and the molds outside can disappear for better breathing. Was beginning to be very Rain Foresty around these parts - our poor backyard is swampland because just a few inches under the grass is solid clay here. If I won the lottery I would have it all torn up, dug up and resurfaced with deep rich soil and sod with grass that can handle the sun. Yes, that would be the first thing I would do.

    Then go get lobster. : - ) and after dinner book a month long trip to Europe.

  2. Maybe Penny is away on vacation?
    It is much cooler here and was perfect for gardening all morning. Now I'm going to bake.
    Ha ha, Michele is funny, we all would do different things if we won a lottery.
    Have a great weekend Angela.

  3. How frustrating. I'm sure you want to get that taken care of. I'm sorry I don't know her.

  4. Update: I heard from Penny since posting this! Thanks!


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