Friday, June 7, 2013

The David Austin Wedgwood Rose

Today I wanted to share how I am just tickled pink with the first blooms on my David Austin Wedgwood Rose, which was a gift from my friend Deberah!

David Austin roses, like my beloved Tea Clipper rose (shown here), are the prettiest, most lavish rose blossoms I've ever seen, and I love that this Wedgwood rose is named for a beloved purveyor of teawares!

The petals are so crinkledy they almost look like super elegant tissue paper flowers. I wish I could embed the scent into a blog post so you could inhale and sigh as I did when I first took a sniff! Are any of you fans of David Austin roses?


  1. That is lovely! There is nothing more heavenly than the scent of a rose in June. Brings back lovely memories of childhood when my mother would send me out to clip a rose or two for the dinner table. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Oh, yes I am a big fan, Angela. Thank you for sharing your exquisite Wedgewood blossoms.

    Each year I eagerly anticipate the lush blooms on my five treasured David Austin Roses. They are truly the most beautiful and fragrant roses in my garden. The David Austin Catalog would delight any rose enthusiast.
    Stop and smell the roses!

    Have a happy day,
    Mary Jane

  3. Dear Angela,
    Yes, I love David Austin roses. They are magnificent. I hadn't heard of this one and it is so lovely. Love Wedgwood and roses-there you go. We have lots of deer here and they love to eat my roses. I can't give up on having them though. I keep trying to outsmart them. My Graham Thomas is so pretty in bloom under our lace covered window.
    Thanks for sharing,

  4. Aren't they stunning, and the Wedgwood is a delicate pink shade. A nice gift to receive!
    I know the virtues of the DA roses, I've written about them enough but I don't grow any. Too fussy and need TLC in my natural setting garden but I do grow some of the hardier carpet roses. I'm also growing on trial some roses for Proven Winners which are trouble free except the bunnies eat them back to a couple of inches every winter.

  5. Oh, how beautiful. I'm not familiar with David Austin roses but I'm a fan now, just seeing the pictures and imagining how sweet their fragrance must be.

  6. The roses are so beautiful. I learn so much from you. Thank you.

  7. Gorgeous photos, Angela! Thanks so much for sharing, Joanie

  8. I would love these and maybe when I retire will will plant some..

  9. WOW!! That is the most beautiful rose - perfect colour, shape, layering - thanks for posting this, I wish I could grow roses like this in Maine!

  10. I'm a DA rose fan! I have 'Bishop's Castle' which is one year old and has grown amazingly. It is magnificent. I also have 'Barbara Austin' and 'Sister Elizabeth.' Yours is just beautiful, Angela. What a great gift.

  11. Unfortunately there are no roses growing in my yard, but your's are BEAUTIFUL! What a thoughtful gift for someone who likes to garden.

  12. I love David Austin roses and this Wedgwood is one I now want in my rose garden. It is gorgeous!


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