Monday, June 10, 2013

A 'Tea and Crumpets' Hosta

When my garden club visited a local hosta grower recently, I was hoping-hoping-hoping I'd go home with a tea-themed hosta, and I did: the charming 'Tea and Crumpets' hosta!

This little sign tells more about the hosta, including the fact it has spoon-shaped leaves.

I absolutely love it!

It was so much fun when members of our Crossroads Garden Club visited Pine Forest Gardens in Tyrone. Owner Richard Jolly, center, was recently a guest speaker at our club, so it was fun to follow up his educational presentation with a visit to the amazing site where he actually grows his hostas.

Here's our club's secretary/treasurer, Wilma, checking out the hostas. I love her t-shirt: "Hangin' on by the seed of my plants." Cute!

There were so many colors, shapes and sizes of hosta, and I had no idea so many existed. There were miniatures (under 12 inches tall), some in lime green, some dark green, ruffled ones, piecrust-edge ones, variegated ones, and some that are considered "blue" because of the appearance of the waxy coating of the leaf. Of course I always have to like the name and/or meaning of a plant as well, so it's no surprise I also came home with this small 'Crown Jewel' hosta.

A larger hosta with a similar name was the 'Royal Standard' hosta. I'll bet someone out there has a royalty-themed garden, or at least a section of a garden, don't you?

This one was called 'Night Before Christmas.'

And this one was 'Valentine Lace.' Isn't that lovely?

Richard even permitted us to go into the greenhouse where his private stash of hostas is located. All of us garden club members left Pine Forest Gardens with new plants, and it was so fun to get to see so many of these great hostas all in one place. If you happen to be a hosta lover too, I should mention that Richard ships plants all over the world, and his website is here. And now I can't wait to see my new 'Tea and Crumpets' flourish!


  1. What a fun outing! Hostas are something I do grow, because they survive almost anything. There is a place near me that sells teacup hostas, and I keep saying I'm going there to get some, but I haven't made it yet.

  2. Love the "Tea and Crumpets" hosta! I bought a new hosta recently, I do love them - but this one was the Home Depot variety and if it had a name, I didn't see it! (Now if I can just figure out how to keep the rabbits from eating my older ones, it will all be fine.)
    This does look like a fun place to visit.

  3. I love hostas! They make any garden even lovelier. I've never heard of the "tea and crumpets" hosta --- but now I'll keep my eyes open. Great find!

  4. Hi Angela
    Happy to see you enjoy a hosta nursery and a real treat to find 'Tea & Crumpets'. Let your collection begin!
    We have a similar, privately owned place called Hosta Fever. She doesn't have Tea & Crumpets, but with most plants, basically the same one can have a different name as given by the breeder. I'll continue to look for it as I'd like to add a few more to my collection.
    I checked your on-line link but they don't deliver to Canada any more. :-(

  5. Tea and Crumpets Hosta! I would have had to purchase that one, too! Fun place!

  6. It would be a lot of fun to have a group like this and visit a wonderful nursery like you did. I'll have to do a virtual visit.♥♫

  7. I had no idea there were so many different hostas. I wonder what kind I have?

  8. What a joy to learn you were able to get that specific hosta - how perfect for you!

    We cannot have hostas b/c of the deer overpopulations around here - sure wish we could, I have a shady side of the house where they would grow nicely, oh well.

    That is a neat place you found them.

  9. Great photos, Angela! All the plants look so healthy. Looks like a fun time, Joanie

  10. I love to go to hosta and day lily farms because the names are all just so delightful... and oh how I love hostas, but the deer get mine every time!!!

  11. Looks like a fun outing and I like your new Tea and Crumpets hosta.

  12. How totally fun! Now I want a Tea and Crumpet hosta. I will be looking. Thanks for the heads up.

  13. I have a mini "Teaspoon" hosta - I think it's going to be the first to blossom this year :)


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