Tuesday, June 18, 2013

"The Vintage Teacup Club" by Vanessa Greene

A while back I was searching for tea books on Amazon and came across a British title I thought would be fun to read, "The Vintage Teacup Club" by Vanessa Greene. The story begins with three women reaching for the same tea set at a car boot sale. They decide to share the tea set and help each other find more teacups for all to use. Now, I have to confess to you that I just don't believe that would ever happen. A) The first one to lay a hand on the tea set gets the tea set. B) If I found the tea set first but someone else *really* wanted it, I'd let them have it. (I think.) C) Three strangers are comfortable enough to trust each other with sharing a tea set? My inner skeptic says no.

But once I got past that, I did find myself drawn into the plot. There's Jenny, who's planning to marry Dan. She wants the vintage teawares to use at her wedding. There's Maggie, a flower shop owner, who is young, divorced, and has landed a job doing the flowers at one of the biggest society weddings of the year. It's an "Alice in Wonderland" themed event, and she wants the teawares for that. And then there's Alison, who appears to be happily married, until she finds out her household situation is not as she has believed. She makes candles in vintage teacups, so that's why she wants them.

The women are quickly drawn into each other's lives, and over cups of tea, a bit of gossip, a few tears, and plenty of everyday stress, they become good friends. Along the way they meet a few other important characters, including the original owners of the teawares. The book's characters make some lifestyle choices I dislike (must young women nowadays instantly hop in the sack to get a fella? I say no—gals, you are worth so much more than that!), but at least there is redemption in the form of a gracious older couple who've learned what matters most in life. Also, there's a heart-stopping scene near the end of the book that will shake the soul of every teacup collector. By the time the story wrapped up I was rooting for all three women and even believed in their teaset-prompted friendships.

Have any of you read this book? I'd love to hear what others thought!


  1. Just ordered a copy ,thank you for the info

  2. Hello Angela, I love your thoughts on this book...I totally agree with you. Sometimes we have to 'suspend belief' (three women finding the same tea set, at the same time? I would like to believe that 'no one was injured or harmed...') but the book sounds very interesting. You find the best books - thanks for your review, Joanie

  3. Ditto on the relationship issue. I prefer mysteries as does my 18 year old daughter, but there have been some that I've not recommeneded to her simply because they have to throw in the sex bits. I know they say that sex is what sells but...seriously!? Sometimes an author's desire to be true to life can go just a bit too far in my opinion (for what it's worth).

  4. This sounds like another goodie Angela. Let me guess, at the end they smash up the tea set and each takes the same number of pieces to make a cement memory stepping stone. ;-)

  5. Never heard of it but it sounds adorable.

    The thing about TEA is that, if taken properly, really is all about FRIENDSHIP- so maybe- just maybe- they were just lovely enough to make it work and develop true kinship over it. I love the premise, I really DO.

    I think I need to read that. Hubs and I have been into dark macabre films lately, I need something light and sweet. Thanks, Angela!

    PS HAHA Judith.

  6. My daughter gave me this book for Christmas and I hadn't gotten around to reading it yet. I think I better get it out and put it at the top of the pile of books to read!

    Nanc in IL

  7. Just discovered your blog in the last month or so. Have you read Laura Child's Tea Shop Mysteries?


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