Friday, November 9, 2012

My latest tea tastings

I'm still working my way through that great box of tea samples from Two Leaves and a Bud, and here are the ones I've tried this week: Organic Peppermint, Better Belly Blend and Jasmine Petal.

I started one morning at the office with a cup of Organic Peppermint tea, because I was feeling sleepy and I've heard the scent of peppermint makes you more alert. I think it helped, and the peppermint tea had a very clean, crisp peppermint taste. Just what I needed!

One day after lunch, I sampled the Jasmine Petal green tea. This one had a strong jasmine scent, and I was pleased that the taste was a bit more subdued. Just a nice, lightly flavored jasmine.

My favorite of these three, though, was the Better Belly Blend. I was hoping it would make me a size 4, but then I read that oops, it was supposed to "settle your tummy." Oh, OK! This blend contains fennel, ginger, anise, mint, caraway, calendula and apple pieces. It was a spicy, almost peppery tasting tea, and I found it the perfect sip for a cool fall afternoon when I was trying to warm up a little. All in all, these three get a thumbs-up from me!


  1. Good to know!

    When I was in college I pretty much drank only Jasmine tea, and the scent and smell takes me right back to those happy days.

    I have yet to be a fan of mint anything, so would probably skip the peppermint tea - but how nice for a tea for what we call having "the bellies." I will have to try and get some of these teas, Angela.

    Thanks again for your wonderful reviews and recommendations!

    Have a fabulous weekend.

  2. Good review of the teas. I often use specific herbal blends for health issues and was wondering if the belly tea was for weight loss. :-)

  3. All three sound wonderful to me!

  4. Mmm, I think I would like the better belly tea, too!

  5. Oh and I thought the Belly tea was for having Belly Laughs! Silly, I know. Thanks for the review.

  6. These reviews are great Angela, makes me want to try them. Joanie

  7. Thanks for the reviews. The better belly blend sounds nice, both in name and the ingredients.


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