Friday, November 16, 2012

It's time to talk of tea & toys!

A week from today, women across the land will be clobbering each other over 5 a.m. doorbusters as they observe Black Friday. I won't be among them, since I don't do crowds, but I have indeed already started my Christmas shopping, including some new toys I will donate to local foster children this Christmas. Tops on my list? This new Barbie!

I must admit I was tempted to keep this by my inner greedy gut. (That's a term I learned from my generous-hearted mother, who is most opposed to greedy guts.) So yes, I'll slowly let them peel this cute Barbie doll out of my fingers in a couple of weeks, but you know I am itching to open it and play with that tea set!

And just as a reminder if you happen to be donating toys this year, my friend who volunteers with the toy drive likes to remind everyone that they never have enough black baby dolls, so I try to pick up a few of those each Christmas. Maybe some of you will feel led to do this as well. Happy shopping!


  1. love the Barbie...I agree that they would have to pry it out of my fingers.
    My shopping is about done but I am going to get a multi-cultural doll for our HAWC program. It isn't Christmas without a doll (for someone, any one). Enjoy the week end

  2. Perhaps you should buy a second Tea Time Barbie for yourself Angela? :-)
    Right away my thoughts went to I should look for it for a granddaughter but then I remembered the dolls are pretty much finished here; it's all techie stuff now.
    Interesting about the black babies; we have very few coloured folks in our rural area but certainly something to consider.

  3. Love the Barbie! I'd have a hard time giving that one up, too. But some little girl will have great fun playing tea party with her.

  4. I gave my niece the Victorian barbie (with teapot) last Spring, courtesy of the Amherst Rose. I too thought about keeping it! ;-)

  5. Thanks for sharing this informaiton. My little girl is too old for dolls, but I'm sure I can find someone's little girl who would enjoy the Barbie.

  6. What a sweet black baby doll. I think I will look for this to donate somewhere. Next year I will be looking for a fun simple teaset for tea with my grandson. I guess if I found it now I could tuck it away for the appropriate time to give it to him.


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