Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Christmas magazines of note

Recently, I thinned out the stacks of magazines which had taken over my craft room. Coming across so many old Christmas magazines certainly helped put the brakes on my desire to add any new ones this year and, after all, how many trifle recipes does a girl really need? So I have developed quite a bit of restraint in the magazine acquisition department this year, but I did acquire two new food magazines, and only two, which I find worthy of a mention here. First is a British magazine I found at Barnes and Noble, the Best-ever Christmas Cookbook from the U.K. version of Good Housekeeping. From soups and salads to food gifts and cakes galore, this magazine is brimming with entire meals I'd love to make. The magazine is beautifully organized, even pulling together menus ranging from Tasty Treats for Carol Singers to a Vegetarian Christmas Lunch, a New Year's Eve Supper and an Anytime Tea.

The Tea Time feature, of course, is what closed the deal for me! It includes gorgeous treats such as Traditional Christmas Stollen, Creole Christmas Cake and a tower of Mini Meringues that will have you drooling.

One fun tip I learned: Use bay leaves and frozen cranberries to represent holly and berries on a white cake. Now why didn't I think of that?

The photography in this magazine is exceptionally nice, and those of us bloggers who aim to better style our food photos will find much to admire, like this great photo of Turkish Delight.

The other Christmas food magazine I like this year is the December issue of Food Network magazine. I especially enjoy the small inserted booklets they feature. This issue, the booklet is titled "50 Muffins," and I found it a good sign when #2 on the list is an Earl Grey muffin! There's also a nice piece on "Mix & Match Truffles" which I may try when whipping up my Christmas food gifts this year.

Have you purchased any good Christmas magazines this year? I'd love to know what you're reading!


  1. Hi Angela, I tend toward the Christmas crafting magazines rather than coooking magazines. I will look back and pull out a few to feature. happy Holidays!

  2. I agree about amassing magazines. BUT after seeing the 2 you showed, and knowing I am going to Barnes and Noble on Thursday, I can see that my charge card will be smoking when I leave.
    I admit it: I am a magazine addict.
    Thank for the tip on the Brit mag. Looks so good.

  3. I've got quite a few of my past years' Celebrations and Living magazines scanned into my laptop. It's easier. I'm a magazine addict too. LOL! :)

  4. I stopped buying Christmas magazines a few years ago, other than my subscription for Victoria and Tea Time. Thinking like you, I figured I would already have the recipe for every kind of cookie imaginable. Better to just browse them in the store for ideas. :-)

  5. These look wonderful -so little time..so much I wanna bake!

  6. I couldn't resist that Food Network magazine this month either. There were several treats I want to try baking with my son.

  7. If I could ever remember to TAKE pics of food it would be a miracle.

    I would love to photograph better, but you know the truth be told, Angela, I am entirely too impatient. I really am.


  8. Love the bay leaf and frozen cranberry idea. Now I want Turkish Delight too. I just love Christmas magazines.

  9. Looks like you made a couple of good choices for Christmas magazines. The only one I've bought so far is Gooseberry Patch Christmas and I got it at Sam's Club for their usual 30% discount.

  10. Thanks for the reviews of these magazines. You really have cut back this year!

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  12. Thanks for the reviews, Angela - I love seeing Christmas magazines! So many great ideas out there, I get inspired. Joanie


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