Friday, November 2, 2012

A visit to the Swan Coach House

Recently my friend Liz and I took a trip to Atlanta to catch up on some much-needed girlfriend time with a little shopping and dining. For lunch, she wanted to go to the Swan Coach House, and I never miss an opportunity to go there if someone wishes. While it's not a tea room in the sense of offering a standard afternoon tea experience, it does offer "ladylike" luncheon plates and other dishes, and the decor is the prettiest you will find in Atlanta. I hosted my sister's bridesmaids' luncheon there, took two of my old Sunday School students there to celebrate their high school graduation, and have enjoyed other visits with a friend (or sometimes several) just to enjoy the food and shopping.

The interior is so pretty, and even though it's been updated over the years, I think it remains one of the most stylish places for "ladies who lunch" in (or while visiting) Atlanta.

The padded fabric wallcoverings never fail to impress.

And when precious few restaurants keep fresh flowers on the table anymore, the Swan Coach House still does!

My friend Liz ordered one of the classic lunch selections, the Swan's Favorite, which consists of their chicken salad in two heart-shaped timbales along with a slice of their gorgeous and tasty fruit salad and cheese straws.

I was looking for something hot and chose the Curry Chicken, which was just great, especially since it was served with their delicious chutney. The Swan Coach House will be hosting its annual Christmas Tea on Dec. 6, and once again I've got too much going on that week to go, but perhaps some of you who live in the area can attend and tell me what you thought!


  1. I love traditioal ladies tea room food and it looks like you found it!

  2. Friend Joy and I are long overdue for a lunch here. We both love this place. Great post...

  3. Al lovely place for a luncheon and right away I was impressed when I saw the fresh flowers. The food presentation is attractive and it looks delicious.

  4. What a beautiful place! Oh, how I love wallpaper. It is lovely and I am glad you got to enjoy it. Interesting fruit thingie. Do you know how they make that?
    Angela, did you get my email about the Christmas teapot? Mine came yesterday and it is Gorgeous and in a sturdy Victorian scrap decorated box besides. All for $19.99.

  5. Oh my word, what a neat place!

    Darn, I went to Atlanta a few years ago and didn't know a thing about this place - will have to try it one day.

    The Christmas tea there sounds to-die-for- hate you must miss it.

    I love the food pics you shared- that fruit salad is so unique.

    The girlie beautiful wallpaper and those fresh roses- WOW!

    have a wonderful weekend, Angela!

  6. Oh, I LOVE the Swan Coach House! Have made many happy memories there through the years. I have now introduced both my daughters to it, since they live in ATL. Chicken salad in timbales and frozen fruit salad is my favorite thing to order there. Wish I could get there on Dec. 6 for their Christmas tea! You have read the books that feature it, haven't you? By Haywood Smith, I think. Fun reads.

  7. What a lovely place to lunch! The fare looks divine. I especially loved seeing that colorful slice of fruit salad. What a great way to present it.

  8. Yum! That looks scrumtious!
    Thank you for sharing such a neat experience with us. If I ever get to Atlanta again, I'll have to visit.

  9. Oh what fun! I would have ordered the Swan's Favorite, too. The fruit salad looks like something my Aunt Ida would have served to her lady friends in the 1960's.

  10. It is beautiful and the food looks delicious! Oh I would love lunching there. That fruit salad particularly jumped out at me. Amazing! I don't think I have seen anything quite like it and just know I would love it.

  11. Even tho I live only an hour south of Atlanta, I have never been to the Swan Coach House, will have to plan a trip. You did a great job recommending it with the pictures and the food looks so good!

  12. Love this post Angela and I love The Swan Coach House! I have many fond memories of lunches there, it is lovely. Thanks for the nice photos,


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