Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Sampling Two Leaves and a Bud teas

The deadline to enter the Two Leaves and a Bud tea giveaway is Friday (click here to enter!), so I thought I'd share my impressions of a few more of their teas I've tried.

When I opened the wrapper of this White Peony White Tea and sniffed away, I caught the merest hint of something floral, reminiscent of jasmine but not nearly as perfume-y. Upon steeping, my tea was a light amber color, and the flavor, like the scent, was pleasing and had just a hint of something floral. Very enjoyable!

Opening the packet containing the Organic Darjeeling tea sachet, I was greeted with that nice, woodsy scent I've come to associate with the Darjeelings I've most enjoyed. This one had a nice brisk taste, very little astringency, and was one of those lovely teas that convince me that yes, Virginia, good tea MAY be found in a tea bag!

And I wasn't quite sure what I'd think of this Orange Sencha Green Tea, as I like my plain Sencha just fine, but the subtle orange flavor was very light and very refreshing. Nice! (Have you gone to Two Leaves and a Bud's website to see which flavor of tea sachets you want to try if you're one of the two winners?)


  1. As always, your tea commentary is greatly informative and appreciated - thanks so much, Angela.

    Heading to their website now!

    Have a tealightful day!!!!!

  2. Those teas do sound good, especially the Darjeeling - I've been looking for a black with little astringency to drink without milk.

  3. i believe you are the "tastingest" tea-taster I know!


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