Thursday, October 4, 2012

A trip to Ikea

A couple of thoughtful readers had alerted me to some tea-themed goodies at Ikea. Since I was going right by one in Atlanta last week, I of course stopped by in search of said goodies and here they are!

First, and my favorite find, is this mug that every tea lover needs. Just $1.99, and worth every penny, don't you think?

Ikea is known for being cheap but also for having great graphics, and the detail on these paper napkins was just delightful. (So was the price: $1.49.)

Now I call this tray "plastic," but Ikea calls it "laminated cardboard." Whatever you call it, this 13-inch tray ($6.99) is a great addition to my craft room. I've been trying to resurrect my tatting skills lately, and this is perfect for gathering up the balls of thread, tatting shuttles and small scissors this needlework requires. Atlanta has had an Ikea for several years now, and though I don't go often, I do enjoy visiting the store when I get a chance. Do you have an Ikea nearby? (And thanks again for those helpful shopping alerts, tea friends!)


  1. Cute tea items. I've never been to Ikea but have heard they have lots of neat things.

  2. Nice finds, Angela!

    And you are so right about that mug - and wouldn't it be cute filled with wrapped chocolates and covered with cellophane and tied with a ribbon as a housewarming gift or something?

    I am a huge fan of Ikea - and if you have their Swedish Meatballs at the cafeteria - YUM! And also they have the BEST milk chocolate bars and Ligonberry Jam ever- we always get tons whenever we're there....which the nearest one is over 3 hours away, so not easy.

    We've been out for some time so should do a shopping trip sometime soon.

  3. Can you believe I have never been to Ikea, even though there's one within a reasonable driving distance. Hummm ... maybe it's time for me to get with it and go!

  4. Love those! I think I will need to commision my daughter (who lives in ATL) to go to IKEA for me, I won't be back down there for several weeks. But I would love one of those cups and one of those trays! So cute and reasonably priced. Thanks! (btw, I learned how to tat but haven't done it in about 30 years. Tatting is beautiful, though.)

  5. We don't have an Ikea close...about 150 miles away. Too bad! What great tea stuff! Very cute!

  6. I think our closest Ikea is yours. My daughter, daughter-in-law and I have been talking about the necessity for a road trip soon, to visit said Ikea store! I *so* wish they'd come to Huntsville!! :)

  7. We have an IKEA next to the Mall of America in Bloomington, MN. Besides the home goods, they also have some interesting edibles for teatime. I like the thin ginger cookies, the lingonberry jam (yummy on top of cream cheese for an open faced sandwich), and fruit syrups for making flavored drinks, or as my son and I call them "Faux-tinis"

  8. Thanks for the shopping alert, Angela - these are so neat and so reasonably priced. Joanie

  9. I love IKEA. One was built near here a few years ago. Before that yours was the closest. I've not seen the mug or napkins, I'll have to look for them next week. We haven't been in a while and are planing to visit on Tuesday, when kids eat for free. :-)

  10. I will pop over to IKEA and take a look.



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