Friday, October 12, 2012

More teapots from Mary and Michaels

Let me just say this: No, I am not on the Michaels payroll, although clearly I ought to be so I could at least get the employee discount. But when I ran by for some ribbon the other day to finish up a baby blanket I was making, I checked those lovely $1.50 bins and found several new Mary Engelbreit tea-themed goodies, including the notepad I had heard existed but had not actually seen. There weren't very many of them, though.

And you know what else they had? Emery boards. With teapots. You want some, don't you?

As a major, major lover of cheap pens, I was also thrilled to find a Mary Engelbreit pen with a teapot on it. I predict these tea-themed items will disappear pretty quickly, so if you're in a Michaels soon, you may want to look for these!


  1. I'm beginning to think you can 'sniff out' the tea finds at Michaels! You should be on their payroll!

  2. Michael's may not have you on their payroll Angela, but perhaps they should. Another morning I open your blog and and think 'look at what this woman has found now!'
    Well, I've said it before, I have you to thank for many of the things I've bought at Michael's after you've shown them here.
    Thank you for being such a sharing blogger.

  3. Thanks for the heads up, Angela! Looks like I'll have to pay Michael's a visit.

  4. My Michaels never seems to have the cute stuff! I'm headed back! LOL Have a happy weekend!

  5. I just don't find tea things at our nearest Michael's like you do! I'm a *little* envious!

  6. all cute stuff - perfect for stocking stuffers!

  7. Such great finds, Angela! You definitely should be on Michael's find the neatest things. I'm going over there, thanks for the heads up, Joanie


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