Friday, October 19, 2012

Green Tea Cookies from China

When I spoke at the Central Library tea last month, one of the gifts they generously sent me away with was this big box of Green Tea Cookies from the Jiajiang Tenfu Tea Garden Co. in Sichuan, China.

When I opened the box, I was pleasantly surprised to see all the cookies were individually wrapped.

The green color of the cookies gives a hint of the green tea flavor. These cookies had a great shortbread-like texture, and the green tea taste was present but not overpowering. I may have just been inspired to add some green tea powder the next time I make a pan of shortbread!


  1. Good morning Angela
    I like the individual wrapping as well and the cookies look tasty.

  2. What a special gift! They do look yummy.

  3. What a lovely site! The green tea cookies would be perfect with a nice cuppa!

  4. Now green tea or matcha would be perfect added to shortbread. Good idea! At the market today I found Apricot Green Tea Gummy Pandas by Bissingers. Haven't opened them yet, but thought of all the tea things you find and I so rarely find things worth sharing. Too bad you aren't next door, I would share with you.

  5. what a neat thing!! Green tea cookies would be a first for me, but probably not a last!

  6. Hi Angela,

    Your green tea cookies look delightful and would be nice with a cup of tea. Have a lovely day.


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