Thursday, May 24, 2012

Vera Bradley Tea Garden accessories

If you'll humor me with just a few more birthday gift postings, I promise I'll cut out the self-centeredness! But when I get such cool gifts from so many friends and family members, I want to share just in case some of you want to add these items to your wist list too.

And a "Wish List" is exactly how I got this Vera Bradley Tea Garden case for my iPad! The DH asked for a recommendation of what I wanted for my birthday, so I sent him an Amazon link to this case. It's such a cheerful new floral pattern, and of course I *love* that the pattern's name is Tea Garden!

And with no hint from me whatsoever, and not even aware of what this pattern was called, my sister got me this Tea Garden key chain and the matching lanyard. I love these!

Another reason I wanted to mention the iPad is that recently I was asked about recommendations for tea-related apps, since I had blogged about using some of them in the past. I looked on my iPod touch, where I had originally downloaded some tea apps, but I see I eventually got rid of them all! It seems I'm not using a whole lot of new apps of any kind anymore—on the iPod touch or the iPad—except the occasional game of Angry Birds, of course. And I've had my iPad for more than a year, but only last week did I begin reading my first eBook. What I *do* use my iPad for, all the time, is looking up recipes! I find it so much easier to look up a recipe and save it to my iPad. I often do a "screen grab" of the recipe so it's right there in my photos and I don't even have to go back and look it up. (If you're not a tech person, that basically means I'm taking an on-screen photo of the web page.) The background photo for my iPad, I just realized, also has a tea connection in that it's my beloved David Austin 'Tea Clipper' rose. Any of you want to suggest some apps? Are there any tea-ish ways you use technology? Please share!


  1. Lovely gifts for a lovely lady.
    Such a pretty floral pattern.

    My techie husband finds me apps for tea and I do have a tea timer, called TeaChimer, but most of the ones I have seen are not very useful.

  2. When I was reading your post I thought the same exact words as Mary Jane wrote above, and was going to write it until I discovered she had already done so.

    Sharing the gifts you've received isn't self-centeredness. I love reading your blog posts!

  3. Hi Angela,
    I received my iPad for Christmas and just love it. I have saved all my favorite blogs on it and also save "images" to my photos. When a blogger reviews a "tea" book I like to save the image in photos, easier to remember the title and author when searching for it. I have a wireless printer that allows me to print from the iPad. When I find a recipe, I copy and paste it to the memo pad then I can print it off. I haven't figured out any other way of doing it. Love the Vera Bradley Tea Garden accessories. Thanks for sharing. Margie in CA

  4. angela,

    I see nothing self- centered about your sharing your happy gifts with us. You know we love it and love it FOR you- so please know it is a thrill to read your posts, no matter WHAT you blog about!

    I really like those nice gifts!!!

  5. Angela, thank you so much for sharing all tea things you find and receive, I like it when I already have that same thing... and also when I don't.
    iPad nearly one year old, not much used: there are some tea related books (Miss Spider in many languages), games (my daughters love to play Toca Tea Party and find Teamory difficult). Don't miss Bean&Leaf.

  6. I too deleted the few tea apps I had downloaded. If you want a new game try "Where's my Water ?". It's

  7. Great accessories, Angela - love the color combinations! Joanie


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