Monday, May 14, 2012

A Paper Mosaic Teapot

When I needed a special "thank you" card for a crafty tea friend, I decided to try my hand at making one. The result is what I'm calling a Paper Mosaic Teapot!

I'd been flipping through a craft book at Joann the other day when I came across photos of some paper collages that were simply beautiful. Alas, I don't share that artist's skill at seeing color and light and shapes as exquisitely as she does. (I'm sorry I didn't write down her name so I could see more of her work!) But I did leave with the idea of using pieces of paper to create some tea-themed artwork. From my scrapbooking stash I selected several papers with handwriting or type on them. I had some 5x7 canvases that could serve as the background. My template was an old teapot-shaped piece I got in a craft kit perhaps 20 years ago! I have used this thing so many times, so for this project I just traced it on the canvas and added some background color from a rubber stamp I had on hand.

Who knew there is an art to tearing paper? I knew I wanted some of the white part to show as part of the design, and I soon learned you have to tear it from the back if you want white on the front. Kind of a fun little discovery!

A little Elmer's glue, a few dozen bits of paper, and there you go, a Paper Mosaic Teapot!


  1. Oh, that is fabulous! I will try that sort of project one day.

  2. Clever and artistic! Love the little 't' at the top of the pot!

  3. That is a cool idea!!! ♥♥♥

  4. It's very cute ... particularly on that background! Might even be cute on a canvas backdrop a little bigger -- from card to wall art! :)

  5. LOVE it! You've inspired me!

  6. What a neat craft project, Angela.
    I could see that in a frame - beautiful. Joanie


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